December sunset


I caught the gold of setting sun
with trees in silhouette
an absolutely gorgeous thing
I’ll not that soon forget

And early though the hour was
December. Four P.M.
Sublime it was the golden glow
with sunset here again

A moment captured here in time
to cherish and to hold
bathed in glorious sunshine
with the glory of the gold


Photo – Jempics

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We All Dream…dreams

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Tell Me About It

We all Dream dreams, maybe you remember them or wake up knowing you dreamt something wonderful that gave you hope. 💜I’ve noticed that in my dreams I’m always flying, floating or climbing. This is an illustration from one of them. 💜
We are dreamers who chase the impossible possibilities which fill our hearts and souls with so much hope that we float.~MM

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By Charles Robert Lindholm

Trump Lies
About The Truth
No One Should Believe

Some Do,
The Sheeple Do,
Repeating Lies Doesn’t Create

Copyright © Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved – 12-09-2020 – 08: 00 a.m.

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Summer with Burroughs

House of Heart

Remember last summer ?

We were obsessed with


Anything familiar,

the sound of far off thunder

close enough to subdue

the mad-paced hours.

Something inciting,

like a strike of lightning

the odor of combustion

ready to ignite.

Everything electric

that made us come alive.

Our hearts caught between

whale song and sigh,

spontaneous thunder

with intermittent quiet,

sporadic as a summer storm.

Leonid Afremov “Rains Rustle”

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The only thing that i want


the only thing that i want
is to hug you real tight
to tuck you in your bed
and make sure that youre alright

i will watch over you
to protect you through the night
no matter if dream or true
im gonna put up the fight

forever stay by your side
you know i can be your knight
to make sure you will get rest
youll be secure and alright.

I started writing texts on 25th of September 2020 because i got My Heart broken and didnt know how to cope with My sadness.


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Undying Charm

Megha's World

Based on the PROMPT: Use the phrase “as winter whispers” in any form of writing by Tuesday Writing Challenge at GoDogGo cafe



The gelid Northern zephyrs have retraced their steps 

back into the narrow lanes of my quaint town


Corrugated cold cobblestones waiting feverishly 

for the warm clickety clackety of footsteps


Once again, to warm cold corners of this city. 

This city that wishes to whisper undying sweet melodies


of its cold nights warming next to the sizzling fireplace;

the warmth seeping in every corner of the room birthing a love story


Narrow streets have been adorned with warm ciders that sweeten the breath of those I love. 

Susurrous rhythm of the jubilant chorals weaves a mellifluous tune 


in every longing heart. Melodious symphony of the very being of the city comes alive

even in his frigid cold. This city carries the warmth as…

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