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I’m thrilled to see my poem “Unforgivable” published in the online Dove Tales Journal: Gardens in the desert: Cultivating Awarenessguest-edited by Robert Kostuck.I’m so honored to be sharing spaces with some of the brilliant writers of the literary community sharing the common ides for writing for peace. Today is the online publication of the journal around to be published in December 2020. Cover Art is by Joseph Black.

The journal features poetry, fiction, non-fiction, art and photography centered around the theme of cultivating awareness about kindness.

Writing for Peaceis a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization,directed by a group of volunteer writers and editors, and guided by our extensivepanel of advisers.

DoveTales, An International Journal of the Artsis an extension of the mission to promote writing that explores the many aspects of peace. Their goal is to expose young writers to a diverse collection of thoughtful…

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Swirl me in your mind…

OMG, John! So many seeds of inspiration here! I’m going to have to go get another basket! Awesome post and wonderful and wise message! If we could only save those times in a bottle to relive again!!! I often have my doubts about the wisdom the designs of life???? Don’t you? Ha!


  Swirl me in your mind

I remember tracing your body with my fingers, I remember you whispering to me. Johnnie, Johnnie. Are we just whispering in the wind, just secret kisses shared in the midnight hours. You loved the two hour massage and the song of Leonard Cohen. You were my Winter California storm and  I was the quiet lake. I kissed your knees and I told you.. We are just furious souls seeking something beautiful in our messy world. You loved San Francisco.

We would drive highway one from Monterey to the city that never fall asleep. We stopped at every ocean exit and we danced. You would ask me. Please Johnnie, Johnnie. Swirl me one more time. Don’t stop spinning me. Someday we will need these days. In San Francisco, after the taverns closed. We danced at the pier for the Pacific, danced for the stars and the…

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Confab With Me

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I Write Her

The piece below by Walt Page prompted this comment from me –

We should empathize with our eyes, our bodies giving full attention, letting the sounds
 of sincere words resonate in our ears.

– as well as embroiling me in more thoughts about listening.Thank you for the inspiration, Walt!

He is so right that it’s time, beyond time. I wonder why it’s always been such a difficult thing for us humans. Communication is such an important aspect of relationships. Yet, we shy away from it initially, fail miserably when the thresholds of civility are pushed, and feel hampered when trust is thin. I’m generous; probably more than a small minority is afflicted.

After letting my mind wander through possible reasons for this, I go back to being a small child, when I was chastised or told to be quiet way too often. My opinions were shot down often, me…

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Pie Dream

Source of Inspiration

apple pie a la mode

How can we fight over a pie,
yet the dream was very clear.
Someone I love made me angry
over a pie and I sulked for days.
I woke up laughing about the dream,
then remembered how many times I
have quarreled with someone over
something just as silly.

Life is short, fiends, getting
shorter every day. Put aside these
battles of illusion for they are
only given to teach us to be patient
with each other, to love, to stop
judging, to become compassionate.

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Photo Challenge #346

Keep it alive

Nekneeraj is the host of Photo Challenge

Photo by cottonbro onPexels.com

Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.


As she raised her eyelids, I was lost in her beautiful black eyes

The sun had broken through after the cold winter rain

I could feel the warmth of the rainbow colored sunlight

Filtering through the chink in between the curtains

It warmed my heart to hold her close and comfort her

The storm outside had subsided but the tempest

Raging in her heart still had her in its grip

I wished I could gift her all the happiness in the world

And take away her sorrows into my own soul


I also included;

Tuesday Writing Prompt

Today’s prompt: Write a piece of prose or poetry that uses the wordsblack eyesandcold winter rain.




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