Honesty Is Hard To Find 💋


Screw you past, Forget you covid! HONESTY ❤

Can anyone be honest anymore??

Long work day, 2 glasses of wine, honest in heart and soul..turning everyone away! Because dishonesty is obvious!! Tired of saying…NO!! I say NO all day ..everyday…WTH is going on!!

Be honest!

Someone whom was much younger then me came into my life the other day on a whim helped me when I threw my keys accidentally into a dumpster , sexy, adorable, beautiful, i turned him away because of age and circumstances ..funny thing, he was probably more honest than the last 13 years of my life …sad fact! Honest with intent and words…just not for me!! But at least HONEST!!!

Come on why is honesty so damn hard

Blame the merlot tired of bullshit!!

Now I am being honest!!

Get what you want!!! STOP making excuses and just do it!! Everyone uses excuses as a…

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Keep you..

Come Enjoy This Post!!


Keep you

I remember the day you saved me.
Your gentle eyes of hazel green saw me and
you caressed my face with your soft hands and you whispered.
“Been too long dear Johnnie and you have been too sad. You need some tender loving care.”

You embraced me and whispered.
“I will keep you safe my love and we will erase the bad days.
We will find the sea again and dance/drink with the sea till the old days are forgotten.
We will sing the sinner’s lullaby and pray for rare and treasure place where we can be reborn.”

I brought you closer and I whispered to you.
Dear Liz. Kind and sweet Elizabeth. You are my last wish to sing and dance to the sea and the night stars.
You are my gift of mercy and when you are near. My heart is brave and I believe. Life…

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What you give with hopeful heart, you will get more…

Please Read This!


What you give with hopeful heart, you will get more.

If nature has made you for a giver, your hands are born open, and so is your heart; and though there may be times when your hands are empty, your heart is always full, and you can give things out of that–warm things, kind things, sweet things–help and comfort and laughter–and sometimes gay, kind laughter is the best help of all.”
― Frances Hodgson BurnettA Little Princess

“Always have a willing hand to help someone, you might be the only one that does.”
― Roy T. BennettThe Light in the Heart

The most truly generous persons are those who give silently without hope of praise or reward.”
― Carol Ryrie BrinkCaddie Woodlawn’s Family

“Love your neighbor, even the ones who do not show you the same courtesy. You can’t expect to receive love if…

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Upcoming Poetry Reading at the SETU International Women Poets on December 19,2020 at 7pm IST

Megha's World



I’m honored and blessed to be part of the upcoming SETU International Women Poets Live on Dec 19, 2020, at 7 PM IST. Immensely thankful to EIC Dr. Sunil Sharma and Dr. Sangeeta Sharma for giving me the opportunity.

It will be an honor and privilege to share the space with some of the eminent Indian and internationally acclaimed women poets namely Padmaja Iyengar Paddy, Meenakshi Mohan, Santosh Bakaya, Neelam S Chandra, Hema Ravi, Maria Barosso, Alicja Kuberska, Paramita Mullick, and Sreetanwi Chakraborty.

Setu is a Bilingual and Peer-Reviewed Journal of Literature, Arts, and Culture (Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania, USA). Edited by an international board of talented Hindi and English authors, poets, journalists, and critics from across the globe, Setu is a monthly journal of literature and art. Setu also focuses on diasporic writings and features most happening, cutting-edge works in Hindi and English.

Details of the ZOOM Meeting is in the…

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For Eternity

Charmed Chaos

Photo byAlexis AntonioonUnsplash

I want to gaze for eternity
upon your molten copper eyes under pale moonlight.

I want to hear your lion’s heart beat
calming the thump, thump, thumping of my fractured heart’s song.

I want to feel the heat of your hands
warming my frightened body, burning fire in my soul.

I want to taste my tears as they fall
while we drown in tempestuous impassioned love-waves.

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Repost- Thursday Photo Prompt-Yearning#Writephoto

Please Come And Enjoy This!!!

Keep it alive

I am sharing this post from one of Sue’s previous prompts. Sue is not posting any new challenges right now. So we are sharing posts from previous prompts.

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a channel of water flowing out to sea, with the sun reflecting on the water.

The heart desires what it has lost

To time, to destiny and decisions made

To go back or to undo what has been

Can only happen in our imagination

This is logic this is reason that I tell

My yearning heart but it doesn’t want

To be told what is possible what’s not

All it demands of me to be left alone

With the dreams of what could have been


In response to;

A prompt by Sue Vincent

Thursday Photo Prompt-Yearning#writephoto



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Reena’s Exploration Challenge- Hands

Keep it alive

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge


Our theme for this week isHANDS.

Look closely at the pictures above. Choose one or more, and think what are they doing together. Will they remain entwined or go their own way? Was their act or intent good or evil? Could they do whatever they planned to do together, or fell apart?

I think this is more than enough for a story or poem or essay or article to spring out of your fertile minds. I have sowed a seed.

So, go ahead and do what you always do –Write.


Hands meet in friendship

As a sign of camaraderie

A bond unbroken, lasting a lifetime


Hands raised in prayer, asking

Palms wide open extended to

Receive the blessings from above, faith unshakable


Hand touching in exploration

Tactile and sensory discovery

Making new bonds, man and…

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