Lay lady lay..


Lay lady lay…

 I remember you. Your eyes of hazel green and the softness of your voice made me stop and worship the joy of living in those soft and tender eyes.

I remember the Germany Summer day.  You danced by the small lake for me in the white cotton Summer dress.  The sun reflection,  showed me perfect curves, long legs and tempting body. I told you. You are my goddess and muse for my words. You are my Dante’s dream and wish.

You laughed at my words and you told me. “A Dante’s love is for the finalist. He who gave-up before seeking victory. Better to be a Hemingway love. Drink, live and die in the glory of love unknown. Seek hidden motels and ride deep  into tempting places where foolish people can run wild and free.”

We went to your small apartment. We drank the sweet red wine…

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Reminiscing at conclusion
of this year that has now been
I think back over all that we
have done and all we’ve seen
As it started fairly normally
at the beginning of the year
when none had any reason
to think we’d shed a tear

But just a few weeks later
all the pubs and shops were closed
with people social distanced
diametrically opposed
the world ran out of toilet rolls
and pasta which was strange
as to a locked-in world
our lives we re-arranged

The gigs we’d booked and paid for
slowly changed their dates
and some cancelled altogether
which made us quite irate
But the world outside our window
as the summer it arrived
held promise of a better place
if the virus we survived

So when Pfizer found the vaccine
the whisper turned to shout
and we realised the gifting
this gave to quell the doubt

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Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge December 29, 2020

Go Dog Go Café

Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge which was started by our star writer Christine Ray. We hope to offer all of you something that will spark your creativity and willingness to participate.
The prompts are designed to be quick challenges that can be written in 10 to 15 minutes, inspire you creatively, are fun, and get everyone interacting. Please post your response to the prompt in the comments below and show your fellow posters some love and support. All members of the Go Dog Go community, including Baristas, are welcome to participate. Feel free to share this post on your own blogs and/or Facebook.

Today’s prompt—Use “the end and beginning” in any form of writing

Happy 2021 writers

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self fulfilling

Annette Rochelle Aben

I chose to use theETHEREEformat because I love the build!


I could

Promise you

That everything

Will work out okay

You would have to believe

To make that promise come true

This is where words can inspire you

But the real work must come from within

Your participation founded in hope

©2020 Annette Rochelle Aben

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Sunday Writing prompt – In the thick of it – December 27th

Keep it alive

Michael is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt this week

This week write your response to the phrase – In The Thick Of It.




When in the thick of it

Step back, look at the bigger picture

Notice the finer details and nuances

Detach yourself

Deep breaths

Now you

Will see




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Rituals – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon



“…. by participating in a ritual, participating in the myth, you are being, as it were, put in accord with that wisdom, which is the wisdom inherent within you anyhow. Your consciousness is being re-minded of the wisdom of your own life. I think ritual is terribly important.” Joseph Campbell


The sacred rituals of my day
arise with some herbal tea and 
a greeting of some feathered friends
while garden wandering to rejoice in
yesterdays hard, loving work,
a meal to prepare with tender
zen-like intention with each move,
then stilling down at days end,
ancient viviers, wine in hand,
recounting the day's treasures,
storing them in each other to
savour and sift at leisure, these 
are the sacred rituals of my day.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

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Roth Poetry

Remember the days

when vacations were fun

Time off work

and we were on the run

Traveling as far as

our imaginations could reach

To the mountains

ride the train

and fun times at the beach

Coming home exhausted

and ready for a rest

Back to work on Monday

Vacations were the best!

I took this photo in 1976, when one of my students, Sharon Ulrich, won the My America contest for the state of Virginia. It included a week long trip across the state of Pennsylvania, stopping to visit all the historic sites. It included her parents and her teacher (me) and winner representatives for each state. By the time we got to Lancaster County, to ride the Strasburg Railroad, many of the folks were worn out and needed a rest… as you can see in the photo!

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