Never more, evermore or nothing more..


 Never more, evermore or nothing more….

She told me, please take of the mask. You may not like what you see. You have learned to love the darkness, please look closer, look closer till you can bleed again.

Droppin to my knees, I saw her nude, bare and free and I loved her fiery gaze upon her face. I loved the scent of her skin, lavender was the scent of her pale and tender body. I told her. Few, we allow to unfold our skin, curtains and solitude we desire over the light of uncertainness. I can not love, I have never loved my dear lady.

She smiled and she whispered, the misfortune of a life swimming in upheaval, a illusion of standing alone. We believe in whiskey dreams and the crimson lights. We ain’t done till we belong to the soil. She sang a rhythm to me.

“Never more…

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I would steal time, if I could.


I would steal time, if I could for you…

Once I believed I was invincible and today I know. All of us, can break into pieces, like the broken glass of time.

If I could, I would steal second, hours and days to be with you. I would never release you.

I didn’t know, you were a beautiful flower in my life, the kindest and sweetest lady, I ever knew.

I was a runner, running from ghosts and demons. And you took me in.

Today the running man, he learn too late. No-one wait for the restless man.

It is too late for me. You have left my world and the longing for you, became just first star wishes and my ocean prayers.

Now the dark poet, write on paper, portraits of softness and wonder.

He told the moon, I love you, I love you, I love you. My Gypsy…

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I saw the sun in your eyes


  I saw the sun in your eyes

You and I, we are dancing by the Monterey Bay, I am singing words of love for you.
You asked me, Johnnie, why did you save me? You were swimming in confusion and you taught me to laugh and to sing again.

I told her, I love your face, I love when your hair is wild and free, I love  when your  hair is tightly in a bunn. 
I love when you sing lullabies to me in the midnight hours and I love how your mouth moved when you talk.
She laughed at my words and she smiled. She told him, you are the sweetest man, you love my imperfections. You make me feel worthwhile and care for.

I told her, you bewitched my heart every time I look at your face, I see the sun in your eyes and you make everyday a…

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Hell or high water..



You were never easy, you were the day and I was the night, never stopping to keep our promises made.
You were my sun and I was the moon, so much to do, we forgot to love.

If I had you near, now. Hell or high water, I would never release you again.

The damn road stole you away from me, bloody war stole my kindness, seeking money, left me alone swimming upstream and so damn alone.

Once for a second, we had the harvest moon, we had strong whiskey and we danced nude for the moon and the stars.

We devoured each other, tried to capture everything in minutes, in hours. We knew.
Soft and easy days were not our blessings, we were fugitives, holding on and seeking freedom in the same words spoken.

Today dear love, hell or high water, I wouldn’t leave you again, this time…

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It’s Getting Worse

Source of Inspiration

no neighbors
The worse things get, the
closer we are to change.
Lethargy, indifference and
fear have tied us to this
downward spiral. How bad
does have to get to awaken
people to look for a different
way of being?

Changing the way we live,
how we interact with each
other is the beginning, along
with these actions, comes
growing spiritual awakening
helping us see how all life is
connected through the
Divine Matrix.

What can you do today, right
now to contribute to the
evolution of mankind,
and to save our earth from
further destruction? Wait no
longer, the time of action is now.

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