Remembering the fragrance of Winter…


Remembering the fragrance of Winter

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"A story"                             

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Remembering the fragrance of Winter

I had lived the soldier life. The warm days of Spring did not bring love. The lucky sought the rendezvous with the sweetness of love when the days of Spring arrived.  My Spring fever, I slumbered in the need of love. I preferred long road trips, the sea and the mountains.

Early Winter, I drank alone in the Germany taverns and I saw a brown hair beauty. I did loved the Bonnie girls who flashed her long-lashes and her brown eyes, sung songs of the drink and the sea. Scottish girls loved the pathless woods and folly of the jester’s prayer. “Don’t wait for a miracle, there are none, men are dogs, love war, women and the drink…

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The lady of the lake..


 Lady of the lake


We loved the weeping willows trees by the lake, we loved the month of July and August. Once I wanted death and my lady of the lake, whispered a sweet song to me. 

                 “Do words matter?

                   What are we?     

             Maybe we are just, here for a second,   

               maybe we are just dancers upon the wind,   

               waiting for a reason to be alive.   

               Dear Poet,   

               dance with me near the weeping willow tree, 

                 Lets, become like the free and wild dandelions, …

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Spreading Joy- A repost

Keep it alive

I am sharing this post from December 2019 as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback

PS: I have shared this post once before too😉😜

A nice gesture can make your day or someone else’s!

A couple of days ago at the grocery store, a girl walked up to me. After giving me a smile she told me the I had beautiful feet! I was hit by multitude of emotions.

I looked at my feet, clad in my glitteryfit-flops, and couldn’t see anything extraordinary there. Maybe my shoes were nice or the color of my nail color. Anyway, flustered, I said” Really?”

I wasn’t hunting for more compliments but I couldn’t believe that she meant my feet.

She smiled again and assured me that they were really beautiful. I guessbeauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Or in their kind hearts.

She did something spontaneous and…

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A Winter’s Night

Walt's Writings

A Winter’s Night

I was the full moon
on a cold winter night

I was the stars
twinkling all around the moon

I was the frozen ponds
where people could enjoy ice skating

I was the Grey wolf
howling in hunger and loneliness

I was a lamb in a stable in Bethlehem
where I watched the three wise men
arrive bearing gifts

I watched Joseph comfort Mary
as she gave birth to the Son of God

I am the true meaning of Christmas

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

On this Christmas Day, 2020
I wish all my readers, friends and followers

A countless number of Christmas Blessings
Good Health, Love and Happiness

To all who suffer from
Chronic illness, chronic pain
Mental illness, depression, PTSD,
Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Autism,

Retinitis Pigmentosa, Arthritis,
Back Pain, knee pain, migraines,
Cancer, Asperger’s Syndrome, MS,
and so many other illnesses and…

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