With inspiration III


I write because it’s part of me
because I want you all to see
and share this love and synergy
with inspiration here

I write because life simply is
and always has something to give
as all of us choose here to live
with inspiration here

I write because I know I should
as you would also if you could
to share that which is understood
with inspiration here


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On the thread of a word…


On the thread of a word

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Words, do have great meaning. Ensure the last words we speak to another. Were kind."     

                         On the thread of a word
       (Freedom is only the distance between the hunter and his prey.)
                             Bei Dao

Just like a hurricane from hell.
You twisted my world from a lonely existence to a life
where I needed your caress.

You took me to a dark bedroom.
Lit many soft candles.
Slowly torn down my walls of disappointment.

The voice of Leonard Cohen whispering  sweet words of
“Dance me to the end of love.”
In the distance.

You were not my first lover
you would not be my last.
But I held you close like you were my last breath.

The rain is pouring down softly and
we listen to the rain in a needed silence.

You rose from…

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The ambrosia of the kiss and the touch..


The ambrosia of the kiss and the touch

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Just words."   

                    The ambrosia of the kiss and the touch

We had pretty places, ancient city and the Swiss wines for us to drink. The Kind city of Basel, Switzerland  took us in and allowed us to slow down and enjoy the days and the nights.

I told her. You are the prettiest thing I have ever saw. I love your face, I love your laughter and I love how you dance in the Spring rain.

She smiled and she told me. I have watched you since you came to my city. You have given in without a fight. Surrendered your dreams and hope, made friends with the enemy. We are in Basel, nuestro  ground for us. No army, no rush to be anywhere and…

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make me feel

A Writer's Soul

I hate the way you make me feel,
Thought and feeling that have no business in this heart of mine,
For she is long since rejected your types,
The ones who seem to want make a lastingly impression
But have no intention of staying.

I hate the way you make me feel,
Tongue tied and butterflies,
Who are you to give me such unwanted temptation?
Desires and feelings that I wish I never felt when it came to you,
When there’s no intention of acting on them, what good are these thoughts to me?

I hate the way you make me feel,
Helpless without seeing you, knowing what’s going in your head,
Thinking of you when you’ve wandered too far from me,
Knowing that I will never be the same since meeting you,
And that terrifies me more than you’ll ever hear me admit.

I hate the way you make…

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