elements (a poem)

Come read – Elements

Katie Kay

Gifts life
In a universe
Where miracles are reality.

Sweetens lungs
To enrich blood
That flows within us.

Burns hearts
Beating in chests
With a scarlet desire.

Cleanses souls
Drowning in sin
Praying to begin again.


Thank you to The Reluctant Poet (please check out his website here) for introducing me to this style of poetry, elfchen (also known as elevenie). Sweet and simple elfchens implement the following word formula:

2, 3
4, 5, 6
7, 8, 9, 10

When I sat down to try my hand at elfchens, I immediately thought of the classical elements of ancient Greece (Earth, Air, Fire, Water). These are the four major components of nature that mean the most to me, and it felt natural to write about the elements in this style of poetry.

We are…

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Not a fool

Keep it alive

One directional and stolid

The public may think it’s inspiring

But it really is the same old wine

Packaged in a new charming bottle

Lack anything new or enlightening

A little or no percentage of innovation

How many time will you fool the people

With the same old tirades worded anew

And we the people are still willing to swallow

This gibberish and bluster without questioning

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!

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Waiting for Heaven (a Ghazal)

Roth Poetry

Daniel T Stowe Gardens #8  2018 (2).jpg

Obsolete // life’s most difficult burden
Life lingers on as you wait for heaven

Your rising soul resists the dimming light
Strong and powerful //waiting for heaven

Time and physical tolls // body wears out
Still you struggle // not ready for heaven

Mind and body fail you // yet life goes on
Disappear // four walls // waiting for heaven

The end is near // it is perfectly clear
Breathing is difficult // nearing heaven

Spirit rises // all earthly struggles cease
Safe in the arms of God // you reach heaven

A few years ago we waited while my mother-in-law was coming to the end of her life. I wrote a poem at that time called Waiting to Die, which was a combination of what I felt about life and what was actually taking place.  Today, I have condensed those thoughts into a Ghazal for d’Verse Poets…

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Tender Release

Charmed Chaos

I offer you in darkest of days a sweet tender release
guiding you through the murky haze to a tender release

When the golden orb shines with its brilliant rays
in summer’s dog days, we pray for tender release

And should I utter gentle words of praise, do they
Set your soul ablaze, yearning for tender release?

When we sleep to the lulling song of lapping waves
does the ocean’s pull amaze, and offer a tender release?

If the blue moon and whispering stars capture your gaze,
do you think of my beautiful face, recall our tender release?

dVerse Poets: Poetry Form: Ghazal

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