No shame in love


No shame in love

(Received some motivation from Ben Jonson)

I confessed to the lonely moon, how beautiful and magnificent you are.
I told the stars and the sky you have seized my heart and thoughts.
You beautiful smile had bewitched my life.

I dream of you when we are apart.
My fair maiden I feel I have fallen into a undeserved love.
I plead with open arms and heart.
You will accept me,  my simple words, to be my pledge of love for you forever.

Beautiful maiden whispered, there is no shame in love, my dear lover.
Our subdued love had me madly waiting for you to confirm the mercy of
the gift of love. Love is rare and precious. You have assured me often with kind
gifts of poetry and many slow dances. You didn’t overstep boundaries and
allowed me to gain confidence and be fearless in the…

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“Sweet red wine”


Sweet red wine

It was early fall. The sweet new wines of Germany came out.
They are cheap and tasty.
It was a beautiful late summer day.
The youth of the city of Boeblingen surrounded the lake drinking the wine and listening to music.

I was with my Scottish beauty.
She was so beautiful,
she held me so tightly.
We found a peace in a sweet love only
two innocent in heart can understand.

We drank the sweet red wine.
I asked her to marry me on a June day.
We sealed our two lives together,
with sweet and tender kisses,  her sweet lips tasting of the sweet red Fall wine..
We traveled to Scotland together,
made promises of forever to the Ivory Cliffs of Dover.
I could kiss and love my lady till we fell together in a happiness no-one
could separate. She promised to love me, forever and…

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Thursday Inspiration #6 -Gone

Keep it alive

Photo credit: Enrique Lopez Garre

Just like the parallel running tracks

We are together but won’t ever be one

Life has played this game with our fate

Near yet apart, never destined to be united


The prompt;

This week’s theme is gone and the picture is below. Here is the song snippet from “500 Miles” covered by many artists:

If you miss the train I’m on
You will know that I am gone
You can hear the whistle blow
A hundred miles

In response to;

Thursday Inspiration #6

A Prompt by Paula



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