Secret places and hidden wishes…


  Secret places and hidden wishes

I have  been dreaming of you again my beautiful Liz.  I saw your face today and I was driven to madness. I wanted to call you and tell you.  I need you near and  I need to hear your voice. I wrote a 100,000 words of love for you. You shall never read.

I love you, I love you dear Liz, I love you
My dear eloquence lady.
I hide the need of a holy love.
A love that would be merciful and so damn sweet.
I see your face in my sweet dreams.
I awoke with your sweet name on my lips and
I whispered the sinner’s prayer.
Please God, give  me what I should not have.
Allow me to know love topmost peak and perfect ending.
Dear Liz. In the darkness of lonely night.
Do you whisper my name?


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Love Remains

Jezzie G

Form: Raven’s Rovi Sonnet 67

I shall not speak of sadness in her name
Of a love lost when all I feel is love
For love does not die, it goes on the same
Yet she is lost to this world, that I know
But do I have the right to love her still
To remember the gazes, she would show
With just enough attention to my will
She understood she set my heart aglow
Her eyes so much purer than mine could see
That our love was more than a sweethearts’ game
And my heart was always hers to speak of
That look reserved for me alone until
My aching heart was forced to let her go
On the wings of love she’s forever free
To reside in peace where the angels be


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Writing Circles Nourish Us

flashlight batteries - Ali Grimshaw

Community of Leaves, Portland, Oregon

Willing Hearts

by time
and space
physical distance
holds no power
over hearts
willing to listen
and reflect-
Not actually separated 
after all

By Kelley Morris
You can find more of her poems here

I have never met Kelley in person but I feel
connected to her. We were once strangers
living in separate states, then she joined a
writing circle. I listen to her words and I
came to know her. Coming together, with
women like Kelley, across physical distance
to cherish poems and write together is
generating hope. It is my heartwork to
facilitate a safe space for you to hear your
own voice and experience authentic connect
with others through writing together. I have
written with people from Europe, Canada and
all over the U.S, and every time we are
inspired by the circle.

Thank you Kelley for sharing…

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