Loly Rinn

Where is it? Where did it go?
You know - the laughter, the fun,
The excitement and wonder
Dancing on a spree and singing off key
Smiling, crying and finding a way
Being amazed and feeling good
Dreaming, imagining, coloring
Coloring outside the lines
Hanging out and hanging up
Going on adventures both near and far
Feeling okay and feeling good enough
No worries, no fears
None that mattered anyway
What happened?
To jumping in puddles
Catching bats and butterflies
And becoming best friends
With someone you just met
Being superheroes and daredevils
Of seeing things and seeing more
Standing in awe
Why did it all go away?
So far, far away
Did it have to go?
Because letting go seems so wrong
Hey, do you wanna play?

©2020 Loly Rinn 
Photo by Jed Villejo on Unsplash

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Inappropriate Questions

Source of Inspiration

Why am I the one who
is embarrassed when
someone asks a question
that clearly is none of
their business? I am
learning that silence is
often the best answer.
If they ask again, I smile
and say, “Why do you ask?”
Then, whatever their response,
I nod and say, “I see.” If
they still press the question,
I say, “I would rather not
answer that question.”

We need not be slaves to
other’s demands. Look
carefully at what you tolerate.

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Letting Go

Source of Inspiration


The weight of guilt can grow
to such size that it
can not be measured;
there comes a time when
it serves no purpose.

Learn from your error,
resolve to never repeat it,
make amends when possible,
then let the guilt go…free
yourself from the weight of
this burden with forgiveness.
For without this, one remains
trapped in the pit of despair.

This is a truth
worth remembering.

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False Measure

Source of Inspiration


Our world gives
us a false measure
of our worth.
It feeds us fear,
subjugates us with
greed driven rules,
and seems to render us
non-thinking slaves.

But only we can let
another control us,
for our minds are
ours to guard or give.

Go within to see who
you really are,
claim that glory for
the Light within
leads you home.


This photo was created by using a lotus blossom on a glass table with three forks. Photographer unknown.

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Mindful Thoughts

I Write Her

Jr Korpa – Unsplash

remnants of my dreams
flit into my consciousness
snippets of illusion
with the events of the day
finding myself
colliding into the past
to produce an array of emotions
feelings of being torn
in different directions

where do I find comfort
where is the wisdom
where is the adventure

everywhere and in all things
...especially in dreams

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