A poet


Every word holds a meaning,

That is so fascinating.

Knitted with the love of writing,

A poet is found of musings.

Collecting every mesmerizing stories,

Binding them together with glory.

Meanings every word possess,

There are fictional people to address.

They collect clouds in pockets,

Blended with their fantasies.

They roleplay every person,

Sometimes they are the flower in your yawn.

A kite that floats away to seek independence,

People who have to undergo,

lacking living in existence.

Sometimes they are angels without wings,

Demons without their sins.

Sometimes a writer, every day a livelier.

-Riya Shah

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Reminiscing Summer

Charmed Chaos

Photo by Armands Brants on Unsplash

This morning dawned with a cool kiss
Tendered upon my grateful heart
For summer’s heat at last departs
Basking in autumn’s breeze, what bliss;

Which gives me pause to reminisce
Of summers past, spent in sunshine
Sipping glasses of chilled white wine
Sharing our dreams of what’s to come
Listening to honeybees hum
Drinking nectar from jasmine vine.

Ronovan Writes Décima Poetry Challenge No. 27 Bliss

dVerseOLN #276

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Time Manipulator

Frank Solanki

What is time?
Is time an illusion?
Is time real?
Does time’s arrow only move in one direction? Forward?
Can it be bent?
Can time be altered?
Can time be played with?
Is time-travel possible?
Can we travel to the past? Future?
What is time?

So many great minds have thought about it
But none have managed to answer any of it
But you, you are different
You are special
Time is your toy
You can manipulate it as you wish

I know this because I am reading your text
‘5 minutes away’
That you sent me an hour ago
And I am still waiting for those 5 minutes of time to pass

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Throwback Friday – Runaway Train – Michele Vecchitto

Go Dog Go Café

Sharing a post from 2016


Can’t get off this train

barreling down tracks skewed

a little to the left, to the right

Meticulously laid by those

who create the future

while running from the past

In-depth plans malleable

trusting in blind faith

and blank stares

of willing riders


as they


photo: Pexels

prompts: Poets on the Page, Five Minute Fridays/Write 31 Days, WP Daily Post, #PoetteerChat

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Still Standing

House of Heart

8 Year Anniversary Achievement

“Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!You registered on WordPress.com 8 years ago.Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging”.

That’s a long time… I hope you will endure some visits to my archives and enjoy the reblogs of other amazing writers, authors, poets, photographers, artists that we have in abundance at WP.

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Fun Interview with Lisa Tomey!

I Write Her

Lisa Tomey has been a featured artist on The Short of It as well as a contributor to the Interpretations project which ran during 2019. I’ve also reblogged some of her work from The Prolific Pulse. You can find all her posts here. We had such a lovely conversation recently! It was so wonderful to meet and speak to her about my work, my thoughts and read some of my poetry. Plus it was so nice to brag about my bestie Terry Susi and fellow WordPress bloggers who are so talented, and some which have become cherished friends.

To all my fellow WordPress poets – would you like to be a guest or perhaps promote a book or project? She invites you to reach out to her! Lisa would love to meet you. 🙂

I hope…

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