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The Word of the Day is CREMATE

Further to yesterday’s Word of the Day, posted by Melanie B CEE, I wanted to compliment the word Crematorium by adding the word Cremate.

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Chasing Dreams

Sarah Doughty

“Don’t you see? You chased your dreams,
and that makes you my hero.”

How can you not see the potential brewing beneath your flesh? How can you not fathom how incredibly talented you are? At everything you do. By existing, you put others to shame. By existing, some are threatened. Jealous. Envious. Some might even dare to challenge everything you are. Stab you in the back, even. But to me, I see someone chasing her dreams and catching them. I see brilliance.

You dared to chase your dreams without giving any fucks in the process. How can you not see how admirable that is? How can you not feel the power oozing from your fingertips? Or the bravery? Or the unbridled joy you feel when you are in your element? I see it. I see it all. And you, my darling, are my fucking hero.

© Sarah Doughty


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Mystical Fields

Please Stop and Read This!

Hearing The Mermaids Sing

Image courtesy of

Meet me in the field

Where heather sways with the wind

Through time we will live.


Life, never a friend,

Kept us from knowing true joy,

Meet me in the field,


Where loss is gaining

And grief blossoms into joy

Meet me where gold grows.

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there’s a thrill in it

A Writer's Soul

There’s a thrill in it,
The waiting, the idea of control that I have,
Knowing I have the power to change the outcome,
Or to run from it,
This thing we have, volatile and enticing and dangerous,
It could do more harm than good at this point,
But I control the direction in which we explode, or implode,
And the thrill in that is enough to keep my finger close to the trigger.
Do we have something so powerful…?
That it could be the end and beginning of who we were,
Or, is this thing just what we have,
Hollow, meant to be taken at face value and nothing more,
Nothing more than a mere fire cracker,
All spark and not fire,
Needing the explosion to show us all we are capable of,
I thought that we had it,
And maybe we do,
But these fires burn hotter than I…

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Lessons from the innocent…


“What is it that the child has to teach?

The child naively believes that everything should be fair
and everyone should be honest,
that only good should prevail,
that everybody should have what they want
and there should be no pain or sadness.

The child believes the world should be perfect
and is outraged to discover it is not.

And the child is right.”

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

          Text and image source: The Lights of Kabbalah

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          Horizon Of Hope

          Don’t Miss This!

          Savvy Raj

          Every horizon once reached

          It reveals another

          Beckoning at a distance…

          Horizon is born of hope

          Of the beyond in this now.

          Horizon are meant to hope

          To aspire to reach beyond

          In the yonder across the horizon

          Where the sky converges…

          Is a matter of knowing

          There is always more

          Of natures grace.

          Such is the abundance

          Of unending hope.


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