The lady in the black dress….


The lady in the black dress

A Poem byCoyote Poetry

A re-write


The lady in the black dress

Dancing alone in a downtown Austin tavern with my empty Black Velvet whiskey bottle in my hands. Playing alone in the bone yard of long and shattered days. Hope gone and buried, my dead and sleeping heart tempted the devil and she came.

Pretty lady with eyes of river blue, tight black dress showing tan perfect legs came to me. She wrapped her arms around me and she whispered. “Dear Johnnie, you told me in the taunts of the long night. You loved me, you needed me and that I was your mercy and was the place you needed to adrift into.”

Drunk Poet looked at her. He saw a hurricane, free and wild. Never to be owned or be controlled. Her auburn hair down to her waist line and perfect…

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the destruction of you

A Writer's Soul

This love was something I was never prepared for,
Not dreams, day or night, nor fantasies,
No lover before you helped pave the way for your destruction.
Destruction…such a powerful, negative word when describing love,
Or at least what we perceive to be love,
But yes, nothing prepared me for your destruction of me.

It was probably for the best,
The sudden shift in my tides,
The way my world shift to meet yours,
Because we seem to have this way of destroying our chances when we try to prefect the
Running from the problem we created while attempting to avoid it.
A vicious cycle,
Destroy and repair, repair and then let the destruction settle in,
But, I suppose that’s what we needed,
To be made completely vulnerable,

In return, we built each other up,
Found your strength and built them upon my own.
And together, we rose from…

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Keepsake Sexts


A Writer's Soul

Keep my locked in the box underneath your bed,
A photo to gather dust and cum,
When you’re feeling vulnerable and horny,
Another trophy of your sad shelf…

But know I gave my all to you out of love,
A trust and longing that came from knowing I turned you on,
Got your dick hard and throbbing for me,
Or at least, the image I portrayed to you.
Know that an image is only a moment in time capture
Of the thoughts and feelings I felt in that singular moment, and nothing more…

Keep me buried under the shame and cravings,
The desire you wish you didn’t still feel,
The longing you know you can never escape,
Because I was the one that got away and I’ll always be the conquest you were never able to conquer,
And that’s okay. I know my worth, know the love I deserve and…

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By Charles Robert Lindholm

Court Henchmen
Willing To Rig
Elections So President Trump

Copyright © 2020 Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved – 10-27-2020 – 10:00 a.m.
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Never to Return – #poetry #freeverse

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

Seven days, I blinked

They disappeared

Like the mist of morn

In the cool of autumn

Time collapsed, elapsed

Why is it I missed it?

Was there something,

Something I needed to do?

Forgotten, buried deep

In the folds of my thoughts

Blanked out by the night

As I drift, awake

Falling, into the abyss

Perhaps, perchance

To find what it was

That lingered within

Then suddenly left

Never to return…

©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

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Fading Green (revisited)


5 of 10 in ‘The Autumn’ series from Jemverse

Although the leaves are on the turn
And some are falling from the trees
It is summer I am feeling still
With its warmth upon my knees

The cooler days and evenings
That autumn soon will bring
Isn’t lost on me today and yet
It is to summer that I cling

The beauty of the reds and golds
With the fading of the green
Is Mother Nature’s swan song
To the summer that has been


Photo – Jempics

[Jemverse originally published ‘Fading Green‘ on 10 September 2014]

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Life is a Bumpy Road, Wear Courage on Sleeves!!


Step by step,

You shall overcome…

The shackles that once existed,

No longer will appear anywhere…

It’s all in mind,

Be adamant to overcome…

This shall too pass,

Even before you know..

Believe in yourself,

Empower yourself with knowledge…

Pray daily,

Be kind always….

Shackles won’t dare to confine you again…

Life is a journey,

You are meant to grow…

Not Just in age,

But lessons learnt too…

Embrace trust,

Do good…

Inner strength will hold you,

Even if every thing else falls apart…

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