Dance of the Tease

Go Dog Go Café

teaseYou watch me wiggle

with a giggle and a grin

Never before

seeing this kind of sin


A daring dance

I love to perform

Creating in you

the perfect storm


Your eyes intense

never leaving the view

I have you captured

this I knew


A bend and a stretch

shimmy and shake

Love watching your knees

starting to quake


You shift in your seat

things are starting to rise

I like what I’m seeing

with my naughty blue eyes


A little more teasing

this is my kind of fun

I want you to come

completely undone


My moves are working

I pulled you right in

I jump on your lap

let the real dance begin

(I thought I would veer slightly from “the norm” for me.  I felt like a little bit of fun on a #FriskyFriday.  Hope this made you grin.  Happy Easter…

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