Unrequited Love

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The heart that can spot a pensive smile from million cheerful eyes, is the heart that has deeply experienced the ebbs and flow of unrequited love

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What Does Love Cost – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


dVerse Poets – Poetics


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“Anticipate charity by preventing poverty.”  Maimonides

What Does Love Cost?

What does love for others really cost,
what pain to wash their feet,
to serve and walk in other’s shoes,
and feed the hungry too,
what might that mean?
to give my coat and
be vulnerable, what then?
To forgive, no, really forgive,
how would that feel?
To live with an integrity that
values every form of life,
never seeking gain,
just imagine if we were
careless for the things
that alienate, the machine of empire,
the greed and gorge of living,
if we turned our guns to plough-shares
and plastic into roads,
just imagine what love might cost,
and go and cash the cheque.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com

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Slogging Through the Mucky Middle – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Days, weeks, and sometimes months pass, and I feel like I am going nowhere. My feet are heavy, and I struggle to extract my boot from the mire. The mud releases it with a sucking pop. Poised, my foot dangles in midair, and I squelch the urge to run, knowing that desire will not yield the results I want. I fling it forward, transferring my weight as I drag my opposite leg to join its companion. I sink, settling into the muddy mess that marks my path. A misty rain falls, an annoyance, that is not strong enough to turn the quagmire into a rushing river and whisk me away. The constant drizzle only serves to hinder my progress.

I don’t possess enough courage to stop, the guts to admit defeat, or the backbone to beg for someone to rescue me. There is no shortcut here, only a dogged determination…

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