Sweet Slumber Written By Me xoxo


Reposing herself gently

Among the soft pillow

Lost in the daydream of him

A smile grows across her face

Drifting into a slight slumber

The lullaby of him

Repeating itself

Trying to satisfy her hunger

The wanting desire to be with him

Satin sheets

His strong embrace

Her soft lips

The essence of her

His dreamy eyes

As he ravishes her

The union of there bodies

Like clockwork


Sweet sweat

Satisfaction met

Until she awakens from this sweet slumber

Only to thirst for the daydream

To become reality!

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Friday, 5 lines or less… Wishing

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Saying I wish, opens up a door

To that fantasy world where everything

Can be envisioned just by thinking about it

A beautiful future, a prosperous life

Wonderful family, untold riches and success

Or may be a boatload of happiness wrapped in love

A united and loving clan that has no dissent

Wishing is easy and I wish all of the above

For you and yours, for me and mine too!




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December’s Look back ~ Poetry Reflections

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Steps In Between

December Look Back Poetry 2019 Looking Back Buck Art: Looking Back Buck, by Patti Deters

I am thankful for a December look-back. The first Sunday of a new month is an invitation to visit my poetry page, Wednesday Whims of Poetry. It’s that beginning of a new month where I encourage reflection from the month before…before it’s gone. Time moves like a sleepless night. It flows whether we’re caught up or ready, and tirelessly we move forward because it’s the only direction to go. But not today. Today I welcome a look back to the weeks before, with a chance to reflect and share…

Please visit my Wednesday Whims of Poetry Page: https://stepsinbetween.com/poetry/

December Look Back Poetry 2019 Looking Back Blue Bond Art: Looking Back, by Blue Bond

My most recent November poems are Moods of my Sometimes, Tired, and Marooned in the Season. I suppose it makes sense my monthly poems typically (although not always) carry a thread connecting them. Each season has…

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