Five Haiku Poems – Double Standards / Identical Sins

Poet Rummager

confessional-1-1233444 Photo by Vinicius Sgarbe of

Inching close to him –
her ring fades in the twilight.
Shadows hide her sin.

Scarlet-lettered girl.
Tongues wagging, fingers pointing –
I’m glad I’m not her.

His ring gleams bright gold.
Power gives him what he wants.
Women sell their souls.

Toxic talk at whim –
entering and breaking hearts.
I wish I were him.

Identical sins.
Men being men; it’s all right.
Cast stones at women.

Haiku poems by Karina Pinella and Poet Rummager

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Go Dog Go Café

I hear poetry …
in melodious notes of blue rain song
as emerald moss croons to the lonely stream
and shimmering fish dance in clear icy waters
— an arioso symphony–
When the white winter air clouds my warm breath
while grey doves huddle in the barren trees
and Northern Flickers peck, peck, peck
…I hear poetry

©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg

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Writing With An Open Heart

Your absence has left me broken and lost,
Desperate to find my shattered pieces,
In order to mend them together.
But what if I’m not meant to be mended?

Desperation makes me rush to find my old confident self,
I fear that I’ve lost her forever,
And no matter how much I search,

I just can’t find her.

What if this is how it’s supposed to be?
Maybe the gaps are meant to be there,

To expose a hidden part of me to the world.

Maybe they’re supposed to be a portal for memories,
To be accepted, loved and embraced.


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Word Of The Year “2020”

Writing With An Open Heart

My word for the year 2020 is:
Courage to pursue my dreams and passions.
Courage to keep writing despite losing writing contests.
Courage to stand up for myself and face my feelings.
Courage to deal with grief again while keeping an open heart.

What’s your word for the year 2020?

Looking forward to know in the comment section.

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“Everybody makes beautiful things when they are three, four, or five years old. Most people lose that spontaneity… Some are able to win a second spontaneity.”

Art of Quotation

Every child likes to take a pencil to make a mark. Everybody makes beautiful things when they are three, four, or five years old. Most people lose that spontaneity; I think that always happens. Some are able to win a second spontaneity.

Alvaro Siza, Portuguese, architect

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