Needing Help With Some Research

I Write Her


Hello Word Press Community!

I was hoping to enlist you for research in the area of love and romance. Are you single? If yes, please consider participating. For those with a gazillion followers, even just reblogging this post would be amazing whether you choose to participate or not. It would be appreciated!

The goal is to get as many responses as I can get. Thousands, if at all possible! I would be so grateful if you could make that happen!

This is first and foremost for research for a piece I would like to ultimately write but the bonus to this social experiment is that it might enable me to possibly help you. I’m not making any guarantees that I can, but I’d like to try! The data gained from this research will be valuable for what I’d like to write about. There is no cost, no membership, no…

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Fading Away

Confab With Me

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Flame And Fury

Sarah Doughty

“Maybe this is how we were destined to end.
With flame and fury.”

Maybe this is how we were destined to end. With flame and fury instead of indifference and silence. Or maybe, that was just wishful thinking. To have you one last time. To taste you. To feel you all around me. Inside me. Like you were the atmosphere and my oxygen. Like we were gasping for air and this would give us one last breath. Because I’d much rather suffocate on you, than to never have you again.

© Sarah Doughty

Suffocation never felt so sweet.
(Not really.)

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BrewNSpew Weekly Prompt # 5- Comfort and Joy

Keep it alive

Eugeniais the host of BrewNSpew!

Weekly Prompt #5 – Comfort and Joy – December 23, 2019


The comfort and joy that we all seek

Is right here under our noses

Just open your heart and share

Your blessings openly and generously

We will see all that is returned

Many-folds back to us with joy and comfort

As if enveloped in a warm hug




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