French Toast ~ #poetry of a #snowstorm

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

As this poem has become somewhat of a tradition, and we are experiencing our first snowfall, it’s only right I should share this once again!!  Enjoy!

OJ French Toast
I still don’t have the answer
To a question asked
So long ago
Why do you buy milk, eggs and bread
When someone mentions snow?

Does this sinfully sweet
Breakfast fare
Make us become a little manic
If we don’t get the ingredients
Do we all begin to panic?!

Do the slices of bread
With their cinnamon swirl
Remind you of riding a sled?

Or the soft golden butter
Melting over the top
Remind you of warm days ahead?

Do the fluffy white flakes
Falling down from the sky
Remind you of powdered confection?

Or the syrup that’s oozing
Dripping over the sides
Remind you of sweet perfection?

I want to know the simple truth
About this French Toast story
I’m pretty sure it’s…

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An Open Window – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon




“Looking out a window from different vantage points changes what you see …” Martha Ronk

An Open Window

An open window is a painting of
many and ever changing facets,
an eye to view the world immediate
through light and seasons,
and yet, if we dare to look
beyond the beyond,
to see through that
which we’d rather dream,
we might even catch a glimpse
of our deepest,
most vulnerable,

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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Sunday Afternoon Reboot – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Sunday is unlike any other day of the week, and it holds a special place in my heart. Wedged into the weekend’s end, it is a transition from fun-filled frivolity, to productive work. The Sunday following a long holiday weekend, leaves me anxious. Freedom, flexibly, lack of structure, and general flailing about without a set agenda wears on my need for an ordered schedule and measurable productivity. While others nap, play games, and indulge in binge-watching favorite shows, my fingers itch, my mind looks forward, and my body hums with a desire to act.

Thoughts turn toward possibilities. Rested and recharged I can’t wait to begin again. I pull out my planner, review the past week, assess where I stand, and plot my path. The start of a new month carries so much promise, and I front-load my week’s plans. The surging strength within me, demands direction. I devise a…

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Moderation in Moderation


Let it be said to live life
with moderation in moderation,
time is fleeting
there is much to lavish,
dinner time talks
room full of belly laughs
time to be in nature
a good book read on a rainy day
whispered I love you’s
hugs at the door good-bye
for the calendar does not
stop its progression
allow us to flip back the pages,
for if we practice all things in moderation
we will be left with little to cushion the fall.

©Heather Carr-Rowe

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge: Moderation

Ragtag Daily Prompts:Hug and Calendar

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davidbrucehaiku: creativity

davidbruceblog #2






Make whatever kind of art

You wish to create


NOTE: If you wish to, look the part. The model is Victoria Borodinova, who is an excellent watercolor artist.

Below is one of her watercolors.


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