Questions of Love – prikcab Ian Perlman)

Go Dog Go Café

if love is strong
is it also heavy?

does love float around us
or are we carried upon it?

what color is your love
is it the same as mine?

when love is scared
where does it hide?

where you once bled
has love healed a wound?

how is love best carried
as it overflows your heart?


many questions

infinite power

ask away



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Confab With Me

I love her when she is intoxicated,
for than her mind is free
liberated from the shackles of ostensible walls
inebriated, she then speaks her mind, expressing her deepest desires
and her darkest tales,
as she slowly crawls into my world
dropped guards,
and at that moment she becomes mine

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Butterfly…After the Rain


After the Rain
The Sun is Beaming
What a Happy Day
Butterflies Flying
Water-stream flowing
Looks like it’s Golden
Sparkled Pixie-dust left Behind
Hiding between the Green Grass
What a Sight to Behold
Your beautiful Radiant Yellow Butterfly Wings
Resting on the Flower

Zoom in closer, Look
Up, up and Away it Went
Until another Rainy Day


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Valorous Bird

Adding a story to it, though I should not but can’t make it all about learning. A doctor nearby, now has become very much familiar with my family, suggested my mother to tell me to stop using Google search. He said I know more about my diseases than he does. He thinks I overthink. Huh,
he is jealous.

‘We overthink. We screw up.
We feel stressed. We are intoxicated by love

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Vintage flower illustration

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Word of the Day Challenge

merry christmas sign
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The Word of the Day is MERRY

Well, this is Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Write a Poem, story or anecdote, inspired by this word.

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Most Importantly, Have Fun.

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Dearest One,…

Tell Me About It


Dearest One,
To the one I waited for,
I thank you for finding me, &
for loving me. I hold your words
inside my heart till I can see you
again and we shall dance
and be lost in love’s bliss.
Till then my love be thine.
All my Love,

P. S. Disclaimer this is merely art.
I like to create while I’m working
it keeps me in that creative zone.
Just sharing!

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