Silence In The Valley ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Walt's Writings

There’s a silence in the valley
Shadows fall heavily
With the coming of the night
There is darkness in the houses
Everyone has moved away
As the sun goes down
The valley cries in loneliness
Missing the lives it used to share
The coal has all been taken
And the lumber has been stripped
The price of progress is the answer
The politicians give
But there is silence in the valley
Life does not exist

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2019 All Rights Reserved

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davidbrucehaiku: cool

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open masteries

no need to overreact

calm and self-controlled


NOTE: Societies go through hot and cool periods. Right now, USAmerica is and has been in a hot period. Lots of people hate each other and want to hurt and sometimes kill each other. I want the return of the cool.


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The call


In the beginning

the serenading surf beckoned him


disregarding it

he went about his daily chores

then the sweet song of sirens became insistent

the roar and the quiet of the ocean crashing around him

woke him in the middle of the night

he looked at the woman lying next to him

her arm curled around his waist

a serene look on her face,

oblivious to his turmoil

unaware that sea was calling him

torn between the two,

he felt helpless

like watching sand slip through fingers

a heavy weight keeping him anchored

while his soul was writhing

for the salt spray on his face

the breeze in his hair

and the cyan expanse around him

away from the quotidian caterwauling

into the serene tranquility

and the porpoises,

Oh the porpoises!

beckoning him and enticing him.

gradually he was like the living dead

she noticed the faraway vacant look…

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