On Mama's Mind

I know why it happens

(it’s because)

You’re magnificent

Brilliant in your aliveness

Pulling us in like gravity.

I know, too, that I’m lucky

(or was)

A random outcome

One of countless possibilities

In a universe only you understand.

When it happens

The pain




then falls.

I couldn’t put you in a box

Kiss the lid

Store you under my bed

I couldn’t make you

my keepsake.

She’s defiant

You’re alive

Your hands

on her feet


Your bodies

on the dance floor

It’s splendid

to watch.

The rage




to be fed.

(Shall I?)

(Must I?)

I can slip back into the shadows

merging with the soil

You’re beautiful


Just like you should be

And so is she.

Why does it hurt?

A curious thing, pain

enough to dig deeper

poke around

for answers.

It’s because

I’ve given you everything

and you still

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Are we beggars for love?


 Are we beggars for love?…

We love them, we need them and we learn. Women honor men with the gift of love. Dark thoughts, white thoughts we may have. All our dreams start with a pretty smile. I nestle in my lady love arms, I feel the softness of her breasts against my face and I listen to the soft beat of her heart.

I told her. Wonderful is the love that grow among the Spring lilies. You have bewitched my heart and I want more. Am I a beggar for your love? She smiled and she told me. All of us are beggars for love. We need someone to make us feel good, we need someone to make us feel, we are their only one. Love is ambrosia and we need to taste her to make us feel alive and safe. We fell into a safe place and we…

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I ain’t marching no-more…


We don’t want to fight no-more…..

Once brave boy believed war would save our world. The brave boy became a man. He fought for a Government who would forget him after the battles ended.

Once a soldier, now he seek peace in the shadows of loud old men in Washington who believe we need more guns and separation.

Today the man preaches for the song of peace. He told the young people. I put thousands in body-bags. Their face, were just like my face. Just men dying for the greedy men in this world who love hate and separation.

He told the children. No religion in war. Just men fighting till they can’t no-more. No-one will win and the young shall pay for the pretend wall of separation.

No mama or papa want their son or daughters to die for the cause of religion, oil and land. I ain’t marching…

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