There are little regrets

The kind I feel I must remember

For next time

Like next time I’ll buy not rent

And then there are the big ones

Like what did I ever see in them

And I have such a bad memory

I left the cheese out last night

I really liked that cheese

He left me on the grass… drove away

I thought I liked that guy

So many regrets

Ring me up

Cash me out

I have a few more purchases

To make today

God forbid I live a moment

With no regrets

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Kiss Me

Smith Shine Poetry

From the first I knew I'd kiss you
a peck to neck, my car my bed
your cherry blossoms engulf chemical 
racing straight to my head
so kiss me like nothing matters
restore a heart in shatters,
my heart bleeds a trial of poetry
streaming out like wine,
which I'm sure will only stop
when your sweet lips meet mine.
In your memory I delight
as I write poetry tonight.
so kiss me as you do 
like in the world theres only me and you
kiss me, replenish me like water
kiss me, put an end to this slaughter.

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My eyes adored you…


My eyes adored you…

I learn we are made of places and pieces. We are a puzzle being built slowly by time and memories. Old men think too much and the what if? Haunt them in the quiet of the midnight hours.

I found in an old journal, an old poem written in 1978 and I read the words.

“Beautiful Andrea…

I adore you my Bella, I adore you my dearest Andrea. You befriended me and made me feel worthwhile. My eyes adored you and I remember. Our slow dancing at the High School dances, stealing sweet kisses and talking till we could not. I want to fall into those beautiful eyes and to tell you. I love you. I was chasing war and you were chasing rainbows. I tried to find you and you had left to seek your dreams. I knew I was a careless man. I should…

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WEDNESDAY: Work Up the Courage To Do Something You’re Afraid Of

Never Silence the Madness

MAKE IT TO ME- Sam Smith

There are so many things in this life that I’d love to do, but feel so shy to do, scared to do, timid to do. Little by little I have broken through small hurdles.. and today, I wanna try to jump over another one.

All my life, I have loved singing. I would sing karaoke through the night, as long as I thought no one could hear me. As soon as I heard a door creak, my throat would close, and I couldn’t get a note out. I would say, the only person that has heard me sing at the top of my lungs is my partner. Thank goodness, 🙏 he allows me to sing through all the road trips, through all the cleaning days without judging me, without complaining that I’m an ear sore 😝.

He make me feel so comfortable to be…

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Far From Home

Source of Inspiration


I am far from the home
where I lived as a child
both time and experiences
make me a stranger there.
Could I go back to that
life of long ago? How is
it that a foreign land seems
more like home now, though
I don’t “fit-in” here either.
Where, on this Earth are
kindred souls, a home
I can call my own?

Yet, I know that home comes
from the heart thus can live
anywhere, finding peace within
and kindred souls
wherever there is love.

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