And Then… #Poetry

Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

Take one silken thread
And then
Let it free to touch
And then
With wings unseen, fly
And then
Unite the world in thought
And then
Take each other’s hand
And then
With touch, love springs
And then
Ghosts whisper of demons gone
And then
Old memories come knocking
And then
The silken thread is broken
And then
You see change is fleeting 
And then
New ideas keep breathing
And then 
You start again


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About a Boy

Specimen Days

You could eat pancakes all day
When I was a boy
No one was ever in a hurry
My grandfather used to show me
The foundations of the country

You could see faces everywhere
For free, unobscured
When I was a boy

They had just discovered the cure for boredom
And it rained blood constantly
When I was a boy

My mother pointed out how overnight I became skinny and morose
And now even she is a ghost

You could spend the whole day dreaming
When I was a boy
No one forgot to love a stranger
My father used to take me
To see the limits of my imagination

It was a wonderful life
When I was a boy

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Wrapped up in me


All of you is wrapped up in me.

My jaw hurts again, perhaps I’ve beaten that path time and time again.

I found a new writer, a writer who reminds me of me.

A writer that I found myself wanting to read more of, to absorb that feeling of being exactly like me!

Like a meal you never want to stop eating.

Or sex you never want to stop having.

These are the feelings that make life worth living.

These are the things, I never wish to stop reeling.

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The whiskey and the beer song…


The whiskey and the beer song.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Easy to hide in the wrong things."  

                        The whiskey and the beer song…

A whiskey and a beer was the song we sang to each other.

We found each other hiding in a corner in a dark Austin tavern. We fell together.

Not to celebrate life but to celebrate death.

She told me. “I was a beauty once and many desire my attention.”

I kissed her whiskey soaked lips. Told her. ” Beauty is one more bloody thing to blind us from the truth.

Now we are ugly with disappointment. It don’t matter, beauty isn’t what we need now.”

I ordered a pint of good English lager and a double shot of Jack Daniels.

We sat together daily. Two strangers with no place to go. Somehow misery bring two angry people together.

Somehow we become one for…

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Your love, like heroin…


Your love, like Heroin…

Lace and silk, whiskey and sin, pain and misery we loved. I loved to watch you paint your beautiful face and I told you. You are a natural beauty. Your pale skin and your face. Men would die for. I asked you. Are you hiding your true face my lady love?

You sat bare-ass on a soft chair facing the mirror. You turned to me and you told me. Johnnie, Johnnie, you are addicted to me. I am your Heroin and you do not want to see how ugly I became. I was once a beauty, damn cigarettes, booze and drugs. And I love the damn men who would steal everything from me. Johnnie, Johnnie. You are just a con man with a poet’s face. You don’t want love. You want to become a part of me. You love us fighting in a bed of sin…

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