I Want To Turn The Clock Back.



I want to turn the clock back … to before you went away,

To get the chance to tell you, and beg of you to stay.

I want to turn the clock, to face against the wall

To hope that the sickle, this time, fails to fall.

I would cradle your tiny body and together we would sleep,

Beneath a comfy blanket with booties on your feet.

You would recognise me by the noises that I make,

The songs I’d be singing while I baked for you a cake.

The house would fill with laughter as I introduced to you,

A sister and two brothers, who would be in love with you.

They’d fight to let me hold you, and smother you in love,

You would have fitted in this family, like a hand into a glove.

But clocks don’t go backwards, time refuses to stand still,

Mothers can’t make it…

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Melting slowly

Keep it alive

His hot gaze had that effect on me

Slowly I was melting, turning into a mush

My defenses crumbled and one by one the barriers fell

The steel that I had put in my heart

Proved an inadequate defense against that assault

I surrender gracefully before I could be conquered

(Respond to this challenge, by either by using the prompt word melt, or going with the above picture, or by means of the song ‘I’ll Melt With You)

Written for Thursday Inspiration # 139, hosted by Jim



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You cross my mind in the midnight hours…


  The dance…

Love is a wild dance.
Make us hold on tightly deep into the midnight hour.
Holding the embrace and honoring the sweet kiss.
The breaking dawn begin to create separation.
The once perfect dance because distance memory when
love is left behind. Two people depart to different places and shores.

                          I love you…

I whispered to you. I love you, my muse.
You are resting peacefully.
Deep in sweet dreams of things lost.
I hear you calling names of people lost in time.
I hold the embrace and understand.
Love need payment.
There are thieves in love and rare moments when we know the paradise of
true love.
You awaken and asked me. Did I talk again and cry in my sad dreams?
I told my sad love. Love is addicting and the longing for the first sweet dance and kiss.
We cannot forget.


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Bare and true…


Bare and true

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Few times in a life. We open up to another and show them the real person. " 

  Bare and true…

She was a noble beauty and she hushed me with her grace.

In the stillness of the warm Summer night, we were left in a standstill of should I stay or go?
Should we journey to new and unknown places?
Old love had decayed and old celestial fires forgotten.

I told her. Love is dead. Dreams of youth twisted and I was left behind.

She smiled and she told me. Bare and true.
We must stand bare and be willing. Be true to the hungry heart.
Shed the dead skin of hopeless love and be selfish. Lavish in old hope and dreams.
We must learn what love should be.
Love is everything. Everything is love.

I told her love is just…

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The blue dress…


The blue dress….

        I found you sitting alone at your family party. Your once fiery hazel eyes grey with sadness. I asked you. How are your dear Belinda? You are still so beautiful. I have never forgotten you. You were one wish I couldn’t have.

Dear Belinda smiled and she whispered. I’m sorry Johnnie. You found me at the wrong time. I was swimming in the harvest of lost. You tried to find love in the narrow road of fear and sadness. I did recover and I tried to find you. I learn you joined wars and escape the country. I wished I did. I still think of you. You took me on 500 miles road trips to Lake Superior. I loved the memory of us dancing and free climbing the water falls in Iron Mountain. You tried to make me laugh. You were an almost lover, and I…

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