We danced for the stars…


We danced for the stars …

Was a Texas hot Summer night and you wore your black dress and dancing shoes. I was drinking the Long Island teas since 6 pm and you arrived and you found me drinking alone at 9 pm.

I saw in your eyes, the Texas wildfire and the hunger to dance. You came to me, embraced me and you whispered. Michigan pretend cowboys, are you drinking or dancing tonight? Texas girls don’t waste time on the men who love the drink over the Texas two-step and some romance.

I watched her coffee brown eyes observed my thoughts and I told her. The drink had tasted better and you are the most beautiful girl in Belton, Texas. I see those dancing shoes and the black dress. Dear Sally, I know a Texas storm when I see one. I believe the soldier can dance in your stormy and…

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Hide and seek…


Hide and seek….

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
" Be careful what you seek.”


Hide and seek…

Once we were brave,

once we were unafraid of the ending,

once we loved the beginning.

I found you bare and alone,

laying in a shallow grave,

waiting for no-one.

I offered my hands to you and I told you.

Honey, my sweet.

People, they play hide and seek.

Few people show real face.

I told you once,

I told you twice.

Nevergive everything away.

More thieves then lovers.

You took my hands and you whispered to me,

my faithful friend,

you accepted my scars, my curse of finding the darkness of love.

I see in your eyes, never pity,

I know you love me and you are my kindest friend.

Please take me to the sea,

please buy some tequila and lemon.

Please make me laugh and know.

I have love near.


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