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Happy Tuesday! We are back from the cornfields of Indiana. Had a very nice time with family. We went miniature golfing on our last day there. Hadn’t done that in a long time and it was fun, my feet were able to stay firmly on the ground while I almost scored some holes in one! I did score holes in 2!

Enjoy the quotes today and may it be a special day, even if you don’t get the ball in the hole on the first shot!

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  9. It is back to school time, so I thought there may be some parent that can relate to this or look back and remember this feeling. Yes, I already choked up when reading this ,even though my son doesn’t leave til next year!11224628_10155912465970564_1103277944436206752_n
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Beautiful Laura sat by the sea…


Beautiful Laura sat by the sea

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Beautiful places and things can’t be forgotten." 

                       Beautiful Laura sat by the sea….

I sat in a field of wildflowers.
The scent of the wildflowers took me to the sea and sweet Laura.

Laura loved the free flowers. She told me often.
Beauty should be free and not caged.

I went far away from sweet Laura. I served the Army and she was wild and free.
I remember her sweet voice. Her singing of sweet songs of love and peace.
She loved dancing with the waves and tossing me butterfly kisses from a distance.

She asked, “Would I return to her my Poet friend?”
I told her. Life is not fair. I will try to return to you, my love. I know you can’t return
to the same place you left.

Laura took my hands. We danced…

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You are in Paris and I’m here…


You are in Paris and I’m here

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"We cannot forget love."   

                     You are in Paris and I’m here…

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I hurt myself again today and I allowed you into my thoughts. I read your words in a old letter and I wished I was someone else. I wished I was I was in another place.

I wish I knew different places and dances. I wished I could fall at your feet and tell you. You were so beautiful and you are my world.

I’m a logical man. I know we have one life and very few opportunities to know joy and love. On the altar of love. Dreams can be laid wasted than forgotten.  Sweet Katie is dancing freely and wild in Paris. Johnnie had his pen and paper waiting alone in the chilly and cold Michigan.

I have try to kill your memory…

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