The fingerprints…


The fingerprints….

I washed the blankets and I washed the sheets. I opened the Window wide and the damn cold air awoke my memory of you. On a September night in the Fall, you brought your clothing, your toothbrush and your womanly things into my house. You promised me forever and I remember you, laying nude on my bed, waiting for me to fall into your skin, your mouth and those dark brown eyes. I saw the tapestry of chaos in your smile. I knew you were just seeking shelter and I was the safest place you could find.

Now the March cold days are here. You had packed your clothing, tossed away the old toothbrush and left your womanly things abandon in my bathroom. You gave me a lasting kiss and you walked out the door. You didn’t look back as the street stole your memory away from me.

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Once we had the Elvis songs…


 Once we had the Elvis songs…

Hello girl, it Johnnie in Michigan and I am sorry to call you at at Midnight hours. The drink is wearing me down and I am listening to Elvis Presley songs tonight and I miss you. I miss you so. Do you miss me?

Daniela held silence for a few seconds and she asked me. Johnnie, dear Johnnie. Are you alright? You only miss me at 3 am and when you are drinking. It is cold in Germany and I listening to the records you left me. The Elvis songs and Leonard Cohen songs remind me. I knew love once and we danced the slow dance on cold Winter day, you and I. We were babies and we were not wise enough to know love wasn’t forever. Darling, I miss you and I want you to be happy. Hell raising and drinking will lead…

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Butterfly Rising

Wow! Bellissimo, Sofia! I am so thrilled I found your blog from a share from johncoyote!! Another awesome post, My Dear!! I love the transformations of caterpillars into butterflies! Stunning!!
Chuck 😊🎁👌💕🌹

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There once was a girl who wanted to fly
Yet her world was mostly black
Full of violence, fear and dark skies. 

She longed for life's beauty
And the magick within found
She sang despite the blows 
She stood despite the broken bones

The girl was not afraid to face the darkness inside
She knew burying her wounds wasn't healing
But denial wearing its dreadful mask

She had witness the contradictions of those around her
They wanted peace but not the journey within
They wanted magick but no the pain it takes to heal
They wanted masks and ignorance
She wanted life in all its splendor and rawness

"It will cost you" life whispered
"I am ready to pay the price" was her reply Like a caterpillar life wrapped its arms around her And perched her cocoon among the sacred trees She was buried within a cocoon of woven pain…

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Reflection #3

Come and Enjoy!!!

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I have been asked, why sometimes I used some of my own photographs with my writings; am I not afraid to be looked down upon? My answer is simple; I know who I am–my head isn’t empty and my soul although imperfect isn’t corrupted, so why should I feel ashamed of sensuality when true sensuality is part of our very fabric?

Sensuality isn’t cheap pornography, it isn’t “girls gone wild”, thinking they are somehow rebelling against and old paradigm yet bringing forth the same old result…control and oppression.

I sometimes use some of my own older and recent photos on my posts because I am proud of them and what they evoke. As a tantric and true rebel, I don’t seek to hide from my sensuality nor do I seek to abuse it. Pornography is cheap and demeaning while sensuality is pure desire; a gift from life to all…

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Wild Soul

Come and Enjoy this from Sofia!!!

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Wild is my soul Savage is my spirit Though the world may try to tear my heart out I remain as wild and as untamed as an Arabian mare Tonight once more I pledge my gypsy soul to life Tonight I choose to live exploring every layer Every shade Every passion known to mankind As I submerge my body in the cold ocean water I can feel the waves welcoming back The moon baptizes me with its light As my spirit soars like a phoenix in the sky My chains I have unshackled I now run wild and free with the wolves Like a Samurai, my promises I keep Like a goddess I am free to explore life I am wild False modesty is not found within Only strength and magick Gifts from the Gods Given to those willing to face the abyss Among dull flavors I am cinnamon spice…

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Promote Yourself Monday, January 17, 2022

Go Dog Go Café

Promote yourself Mon

Welcome toPromote Yourself Monday. All Go Dog Go Cafe community members are invited to postonelink to one specific piece of their writing (600 words or less please!) they have published on their blog, Facebook page, or Instagram feed into the comments section below.

If you post a link, be sure to read some of the other great writing people have linked to.

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