Best Gut Healing Foods

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Our gut health influences everything from our weight, to our mood, to our cognitive ability. It can be the reason for our back pain, the root of our depression, and of course, the cause of our digestive issues. That’s why testing the health of our gut and then healing our gut is absolutely essential for improving our mental and physical health.

Here are some of the best gut healing foods you should incorporate in your diet :

  • Bone Broth – This incredibly rich food helps your stomach to repair cell walls, also contain collagen (for your beautiful skin and joints), and boosts your immune system.
  • Coconut Oil – Easy to digest fatty acids that boost your energy levels, and help to burn fat as well.
  • Fermented Foods – They are awesome probiotics, improve digestion, and help to lose weight. Use sauerkraut, kimchi and pickles.
  • Kombucha – Powerful probiotic that fights…

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  1. Cut out toxic foods from your diet. Gluten, dairy, sugar, processed foods, pesticide-treated foods (aka GMO crops), and alcohol, are some of the most common foods that mount an assault on the sensitive cells lining your gut. If you want to heal leaky gut syndrome, we recommend cutting out these foods for at least three months and avoiding them in excess thereafter.

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