Blog Share : 5 Publishing Myths every new writer should know!

Brickley Jules Writes

I have seen some of this helpful information before but it deserves to be repeated and shared repeatedly! Again thoseButterscotch Martini Girlsare helping newbys out!

All of us were new at one time and had to learn the hard way what was actually the truth of things in the publishing industry. Lately I’ve heard each of these 5 Myths about the Publishing Industry and hope that this blog will save at least one new or aspiring author the pain and suffering that a lot of us went through before we learned this stuff.

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Prolific Pulse Branching Out!

I Write Her

Brand Resources - YouTube

My friend and WordPress colleague, Lisa Tomey, has started the Prolific Pulse YouTube Channel! She will do interviews, highlight podcasts with writers and poets, and do book reviews. Check it out and become a subscriber if you like what Lisa has to offer! Hope to see you there. 🙂

Also, if you are an author, a poet or a writer who would like to be interviewed, you can make a request to

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Everybody hurt…


Everybody hurts

I whispered to her. “Sweet baby, darling and honey. Dark is the night. The midnight hour leave us wanting for things we can’t have. Deep midnight is cold and lonely. Sometimes we must accept pretty lies and lull in new lullabies of hope.” Her sovereign eyes were asking me to stay and go in the same glance.

Her pretty hazel eyes besieged me and she whispered. “Love divine had turn dirty. The pledge of love seem like the prayers of a fool. I have nothing left to give.  I know only tears and regret.”

I brought her near and  I kissed her forehead and caressed her  flowing auburn hair and I whispered. “Time will make past love become distance love. The thirst for tender caress and kiss will slowly kill the pain of  the loss of love sweet taste. In time, we will accept less. Everybody hurts. The…

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Poetry, drink and your memory…


 The ray of the sun….

Drunk man wishing. Alone on destine hill. He dreamed she was near, he dreamed he was in her embrace and her tender fingers were caressing his face. She took his hand and kissed each finger and she whispered.
“Dear Johnnie. Whiskey is always fair. Blocked away the memories. Love just stirred up wants we do not understand. Love is cruel and cold. The flesh never is content. Feel the ray of the sun. This is true. The sun will rise, whiskey can be bought and love will break your heart.”

Old Poet fell asleep and awoke to warm sun on his face and a empty whiskey bottle. He looked to the sky and he thanked the liquor and booze gods for the whiskey angels.


   Sacred lover…

Old rustic songs sang by Leonard Cohen. He sang songs of a thousand kisses deep and bay…

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Johnnie’s verbal poetry and the poem.


Dead flowers

I came to you with some Tennessee whiskey and a small plant with rosemary trying to grow. I sat on your porch, waiting for you. I wanted to see your morning face, drink the fresh coffee and to hear your voice again.

We were great lovers once and we faded to needed friends. You brought the coffee, wearing t-sheet and barefoot. You sat with me and I reached over and I brought your feet to my lap. I caressed them and I asked. Are you alright?

You smiled and you asked. You miss me honey? I told you many times. Always room for you in my large bed. I called you last night. You sounded somber and I heard the bar songs. Johnnie, you know I hate picked flower and I love the plant of the rosemary. You know my heart, in and out. Johnnie, we must bury…

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Listen to the wind…


Listen to the wind…..

Find a valley where the kind wind can sing to you, stand in an apple tree orchard, touch an apple, taste the sweetness. Gifts, wonderful gift from Mother Nature.

Go to the sea, dance with the waves, meditate with the ocean song, great sea, will sing the song of today, will sing the songs of yesterday.

Caress the soil, just dirt to many, hug a tree, just wood for many. Simple things as the trees and the earth. Life begin and die with them. We need the food and we need the clean air.

Human life,7 billion plus. Who is important and who is not? The sky we share, the earth we share, the water we share, who decide, who live and who died? Men are taking and stealing from kind Mother Nature.

One day, the greedy men shall learn. Powerful nature will outlast men greed…

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Her Pathless Belonging

Sharon Unfiltered

Source: my phone’s wallpaper

She walks barefoot
Through a dewy mossy carpet
Her wavy hair glistening
Floaty dress torn on branches
Legs scratched by begging brambles
As they reached out “please stay!”

A smile adorns her face
Soft hands ignoring the dirt
Soiling from keen exploration
Of carefree keen adventures

Green eyes like emeralds
So spiritually aware
Conveyors of hope and love

She glances upwards
Sunshine kissing her freckles
Here she feels at one and free
Purposefully lost
In the wild and pathless forest

Their eyes, what are they looking for, white dress flutters the beat
Their song starting to make some sense, only if you’re listening

© Copyright: Sharon Lawson™

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A evening blessing.


A evening blessing, you are….

My love, waiting patiently for my return.

I told her.

You make me believe,

life is wonder and beauty.

You make me know mystery and unknown.

When I look into your eyes,

I feel loved and meaningful.

Let’s find the sea,

let’s find a Irish Pub,

drink Irish coffee on the Monterey pier.

Please allow me to be blessed by those loving eyes.

Dancing Coyote

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Reena’s Exploration # 170 – Questions!

Keep it alive

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #170

Welcome to yet another week!

Let’s go off at a tangent, and conquer —- our mindsets, if nothing else. Control the controllable!


Create a post on your blog, and copy-paste the link in Comments. In case you are using a pingback, do check back to see if it has worked.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to tag the post “Reena’s Exploration Challenge” for easy location in the blog roll.


Life throws loads of questions at us

They are simple when we are younger

But grow more complex as we progress in life

All questions have answers that we can look for

Life is a journey of discovery all the way through

“Learn from the cradle to the grave” is a great maxim to live to

Imagine how boring and perplexing life would be


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