Writing With An Open Heart

I had to lay down for a while,
Because I thought I was hurt beyond repair,
But turns out that I see you.

I saw the real you,
Deeper than anyone has seen you before.
I knew your intentions way before anyone ever noticed.

That’s why I won’t hide anymore.
I won’t hide my intuition that has been right all along.

Since I never hid that your actions hurt me deeply,
I can’t hide that healing feels great.

It’s like a gorgeous new dawn,
Where I can dream endlessly,
And focus more on my goals.

Even when the waves are overwhelming,
And the memories won’t leave me alone,
I know there’s a power that I hold within.

A power that keeps me grounded everyday,
The power of gratitude,
To focus on the blessings I have,
And the people who love me deeply.

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Somewhere in time…



Somewhere in time…

The paradox of living,

we get what we deserve.

Once, the prettiest lady I have ever known,

waited for a wayward man.

I remember the fragrance of her skin,

the tenderness of her hands.

I sang love words to her for many days.

“We love, we die.

we dance, we shall cry.

In the midnight hours,

we shall lies and make promises.

My sweetest love,

I did know.

I shall never forget your face.”

The yesterday man, the sleeping man.

He knew,

once love was near and when men who write in riddles.

They learn, true love is the sweetest wine.

Dancing Coyote

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Yesterday I Held You

Frank Solanki

Yesterday I held you
Covered you with my hands
There were a thousand joys
That seemed to have no ends

Yesterday you whispered
Sweet music in my ear
There could be nothing sweeter
That I could feel dear

Yesterday my lips
Were calling out your name
The winds were filled with echoes
As if it were a game

Yesterday we laughed
We rolled upon the floor
With another humour
We laughed a little more

Yesterday we dreamed
Made elaborate plans
Tried to decipher
The lines on our hands

Yesterday I loved you
And you loved me too
Today things have changed
Only dreaming we can do

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I Write Her

 Conflict erupts, yet again. Respond or slink away?

If I stay, I face the cacophony of fieriness; I put myself in danger of being wounded.
Leave, and I’m embarrassed that I didn’t defend myself.

It’s a lose/lose scenario.

How do I represent? Why do I care? What do I gain and what is at stake?

All thoughts are firing amidst the chaos playing out in front of me. WHAT DO I DO??

The internal struggle dominates in this external battle, this the more pressing issue.

The voice deep within gets louder. WHAT DO I DO?!?!”

I hesitate, I’m crushed.
I match the tone, I’m angrier.
I fear, I lose.

The indecision is killing me. Thebest of us dies too.

I bloody my world.

I feel red.

It’s the anger at myself, and others who put me into the mode of having to figure it out.

I see…

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