The boardwalk


The boardwalk…

The dancing Lake Huron surround us,

you are barefoot walking and your eyes of wonder,

studying the lake.

I tell you,

I love the simple days when we can feel the water against our feet.

The morning sun against our skin and

the world seem so far away.

Your morning smile and the 6 am hot coffee,

utopia for my heart.

You take my right hand and we follow the boardwalk to the end.

You whisper.

I love the great lakes, I love the morning silence.

You and I,

kindred spirits following the Port Austin boardwalk every morning and

seeking some calmness and some peace.

I love our mornings walks and I love you dear, honey, sweetie.

I tell you, I love you more. …

Dancing Coyote

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Norah Jones song and A California poem.


Come away with me….

We loved the cigarettes, the Johnnie Walker and the good songs.

You were North Dakota born, now California blessed.

I would massage your wanting skin every night and I whispered poetry to you.

“We murdered love and we wanted more.

We danced on the Monterey bay beach and we tried to touch the stars, the moon.

We were careless children, loving the sea and the Johnnie walker.

I told you. You are the bravest lady I ever known.

You make me believe,

I can be someone more, something better.

You are my ambrosia kiss,

the sweetest nectar I ever tasted.

You make love so sweet, so kind.”

You laughed at my words and you whispered.

Please come away with me,

let’s find the seven seas and touch with our bare feet,

let’s walk in the clouds in the highest mountains we can climb,

let’s drink the…

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The Gypsy heart….


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Gypsy heart….

Her eyes, clear blue like the sea, her voice, gentle and sweet. She told me, open the locked doors, wide. We decide if our life and journey is, a prison or an adventure to discover laughter and joy.


We found the hidden waterfall at the California fault line. You taught me to free-climb, you taught me to dance to the sounds of San Francisco. I remember you, Bare and perfect, allowing the water of the waterfall, to caress your perfect skin.

You liked the tequila with lime, you loved to dance with the Pacific ocean, you hated walls and time limits. You loved to sing to the stars. I told you often, I love your Gypsy heart.


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Twilight Descends, 2021

Charmed Chaos

Vivid day’s end as lavender twilight descends
Gentle breezes whisper with mockingbird’s trills
While an orange tangerine sun sinks and transcends
Brisk evening air tumbles, bringing cold chills

Gentle breezes whisper with mockingbird’s trills
Singing with a broken heart of melancholic love
Brisk evening air tumbles, bringing cold chills
As his voice carries through green boughs above

Singing with a broken heart of melancholic love
I recall the agony of heartache he’s been through
As his voice carries through green boughs above
Crooning sorrow in hues of dark indigo blue

I recall the agony of heartache he’s been through
While orange tangerine sun sinks and transcends
He croons sorrow in hues of dark indigo blue
Vivid day’s end as lavender twilight descends.

Author’s Note:A revision of an older pantoum for this New Year.I hope you all have a wonderful year!

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Throwback Friday, Let The Past Be Gone, by Ivor Steven

Go Dog Go Café

Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to be like and enjoying it for everything that it is” — Mandy Hale

Let The Past Be Gone (Revised)

The end of December, and January is near

The bell tolls louder and how perennially I jeer

Those same old questions and no answers every year

Annually dismayed as old dawns disappear

Let the past be gone, now that today’s here

Let the future come, as I face tomorrows haunting fears

Last years sins have been but not totally gone

The new year’s about to begin, could be right or wrong

Next year’s eeriely hovering and I anxiously worry far too long

Knowingly waiting for my angels mourning song

“Let the past be gone.” declared todays final word

Let the future come, but tomorrow’s crying, I heard!

Ivor Steven (c) January 1st 2021

G’day, and welcome to…

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My Words for the New Year 2021

By Alanna Pass

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions.  That concept sounds so burdensome.  Instead, I have a personal tradition of picking one or more words to aspire to live by for the coming year.  I revisit these words from time to time and check in on how I’m doing.  (Writing them on the bathroom mirror is a very effective strategy.)

My words for 2020 were acceptance and focus.  I almost wore out the word acceptance with the pandemic and political matters and it’s unlikely I can ever truly accept the damage of the forest fires had here in Oregon this year.  Climate change is unacceptable and is something I will always fight against.  Thus it has been a mixed bag with that word.  FOCUS has been an ongoing challenge for me but I am happy to report that I am BETTER!  Being a creative soul I am forever distracted by…

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Need Never Be Answered – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Photo: Taken at Tnorala Nature Reserve near Gosses Bluff, Namatjira Drive, NT.

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.” Rumi

Need Never Be Answered 

Did you nourish the moment in you,
have you understood the stir of the
east wind and caress of the indifferent 
ocean or touched the inestimable sky,
even when it darkens and the secret 
ceremonies draw us to sacred 
connection, keeping alive the questions
that live under our skin and need never
be answered, or we would silence our
deep quest and miss all that is present,
all that is wise, in the whispers of trees.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

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