Kim V. Poetry

And when I looked at you,
I knew.

I knew it in my veins.
In my marrow.
In my mind.

It’s cliche to believe
In that sort of thing.
I know.

But when I looked at you,
I knew.

We had connected.
On some cosmic plane.
We had connected.
Linked from here till the end.

No one else could ever
Take your place.

Because when I looked at you.
I knew.

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Kim V. Poetry

I loved you.

It all belonged
To you.

I loved you.

But it is cold,
In your shade.

The anger.
The tears.
The indifference.

My feelings were,
No longer your concern.
My joys, no longer
My warmth,
No longer your responsibility.

I loved you once.
But no more.

My heart,
My mind,
My future,
Belong to me now.

And you have no,
Place in it.

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Heartbreaks and Chocolate Dreams

Kim V. Poetry

They were gone before
I opened my eyes.
The one with
the chocolate kisses.

Laid on the grass,
Under the stars.
Calling out their names.
Waiting for a shooting star.

They kissed me then.
Dragged a
wisp of my unruly hair
Out of my eyes.
They tasted like
chocolate dreams.

Real is surreal.
I think, when I awake alone.
Were they even here at all?
I panic.
Rejection flooding my senses.

I see a note on the bedside table.
My stomach drops and my hands
Go cold.
“Be back soon, out getting coffee”.
Relief colors my cheeks.
But their love is what makes me warm.

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Heartbreaks and Missed Kisses

Kim V. Poetry

She asks, “What do you miss the most?”

“The kisses,” I reply, lightly running a thumb over my mouth.

“I miss the touch

of their lips on mine.”

The heartbreak, hurt.

The pain of living without them , hurts worse.

The touch of their hand on my lower back,

The feel of their body on mine.

But it’s the kisses I miss the most.

The goddamn kisses.

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They said there’d be snow (again)


10 of 10 in ‘The winter series’ from Jemverse

They said there’d be snow
Well, its cold enough
and there’s frost over all every day
But the sea air down here
on these southern shores
always seems to get well in the way

Yes, there have been falls
which have settled for days
in the past I remember quite well
But it’s still quite rare
for us in these parts
when snow of the settling kind fell

Tonight we will know
for that’s when they said
that the white stuff will fall from the sky
So maybe tomorrow
a blanket we’ll find
over all that we see by and by

And some time after that
Winter’s beauty we’ll see
Over Sussex at least for a while
Its crystalline essence
providing the prompt
that will always result in a smile


Photo – Jempics

[I first published ‘They said there’d…

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