Isabella, dear Isabella…


Isabella, dear Isabella….

I took the midnight train to Florence, the days of Spring were coming to a ending. I loved the Germany Spring and I needed dear Florence again. The city of Florence stole my heart two years ago. I loved the city of ancient buildings and I could hear the ghostly whispers of the great writers and the poets in the wind. I would visit, when I could. I arrived in the early morning and dear Florence was coming alive. I found a bakery and I bought some bread and a cup of coffee. I went to river Arno. Sat near the bridge and I watched the city come alive. I wrote into my journal.

                  “Dear Florence
Yesterday man came back to you, young man is feeling so old.
One zealous man became the sleeping man, seeking quiet places…

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Marion Hill song and a poem.


 Down, baby, down…

Dreaming and believing,

living and dying.

Loving and hating,

lying and crying.

Good days and the bad days,

demanding or careless,

song and slow dance.

Deeper and deeper we shall fall.

Down, baby, down and

we shall fall.

Are you down baby?

Are we trying? or just pretending?

Are we in love?

Do you know me?

Do I know you?

John Castellenas/Coyote

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Damn your eyes…


Damn those eyes

Light and dark collide when I found you.
You are my black magic woman who make me wish for enchanting nights where you and I.
Are free and wild. Free of locked door and dormant passion. We will become wild in spirit and we will try to consume the night like the wild beast.

My Gypsy woman. Let’s find the sea and share some vodka and  juice. Let’s dance for the midnight moon and the stars. Let’s pray to the sleeping gods.  Pray for them to come alive and join us in the dance of freedom.

Damn your eyes. Those eyes make me forget I’m a prisoner of controlled and useless life.  You make me want to stripped down to nothing. Run nude and denounce my ordinary life and self-made prison. I want to be locked-up in your eyes and your embrace.

You and I have found…

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I do not walk alone

Words From The Borderline

All this time I thought I was walking alone

I was wrong

There has always been a presence beside me

This presence that is trying to guide me

Guide me towards my purpose

Guide me towards peace

There is a purpose for this pain

I am reassured by this

In everything that I do

Sometimes I have to listen

Sometimes I have to see

Sometimes I have to feel

Sometimes it is just a thought

I always find the answer

I always find a way

Because my guide is beside me

Every single day


Image source geckzilla on Flickr

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Choose Happiness!


Lift yourself,

Every time you feel low…

Bloom like the sun flowers,

Feel the breeze of life….

Happiness is an inside thing,

Be adamant to be happy,


Sadness will fade away….

Learn from the nature,

Look at the flowers,

They too have tasted the thorns,

Still they choose to shine and bloom….

Learn from the Sun,

Even after a dark night,

It rises bright in the morning….

Life is yours to decide what’s best for you,

Choose happiness over everything else,

Believe in the power of prayer,

Spread smiles,

Be kind,

Stay honest,

Live life,

You won’t get it again!

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Because It’s Time

I Write Her

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #170

your hesitation asks questions
giving rise to unending doubt
shutting hope down

success in the making asks other questions
your future being challenges your past
it’s waiting to be discovered

force recognition of your strengths
face the obvious which holds you back
achieve all you are capable of

yes, NOW
change your trajectory
live your dreams

demand that of yourself

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