Love and Loss, Truth and the End

Apple Rae

“If you really love me, why would you leave me?” He said, facing away from her, evading the moment where he should be asking this whilst looking straight to her eyes, but he didn’t have the courage—he was frightened to see an unspoken truth that lies beneath her big brown eyes, he was scared to find out that maybe, she just simply fell out of love for him.

Silence kicks in, it was deafening. The kind that makes your heart throb a little faster than the ordinary beat, the kind that gives you no hope to search for a validated line that could satisfy the boy’s muddled mind.

The girl started to speak after a moment,

“Baby…” she said, with her voice shaking like a shivering body of a homeless girl on a sad winter night. She stared at him, waiting to meet his eyes, but she failed. She held…

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Thank you for the dance..


Thank you for the dance

My bare foot lady danced by the sea, the moon is above and the stars are lighting up the night sky. I watched her dance, joyfully and content to celebrate the song of the Pacific.

I told her, dear Marcella, my love, my beauty, my joy. Please make this night, never-ending.
She came to me and she brought me close to her and we danced, our feet moving and touching the coldness of the sea. I whispered to her, thank you for the dance.

Beautiful Marcella smiled and she whispered. One-two-three, one-two-three, one. The dance is simple, love is hard, life can be harder dear Johnnie. Today we dance for the Summer moon, tonight, you and I, alone with the sea and kind love is sweet.

I kissed her, long and sweet. I whispered, thank you beautiful lady.

The moon smiled and the stars were…

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Now nothing remains the same..


 Now nothing remains the same

Your name came to me late in the midnight hour. Brought back the canvas of your perfect body, kind smile and your beautiful face. Your name, Fabiola.

Made me wish and want for the things I could not have.

I taught you how to drive on the California highway one in the Winter of 1992 and I remember you holding my hand tightly and your eyes filled with excitement and so content with the feel of the car and the road.

You knew I loved you from the first time I saw you. I would create places and time for us to talk. You told me often. You don’t want me. I’m damaged and afraid. I’m waiting for something gone and cannot love.

Love find places in secret valleys and hidden places. Locked doors open for a secret seconds. We went to Big Surf often…

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Let My Heart Cry A Little Tonight

Frank Solanki

Let my heart cry a little tonight
Let my eyes be wet
Let my soul emit more light
So I can forget

My heart is still so very young
But it feels so old
Words that flew off from my tongue
Should never have been told

Make my heart more complicate
Then there’ll be nothing new
Like my lungs that suffocate
Coloured in poison-blue

Let my heart cry a little tonight
To help me ease my pain
Hoping the tears of this night
Shall never come back again

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