“Your Light”

Poetry of Emotions

You are surely beautiful
just the way you are,
inside and out, is a miracle,
to me you are real love.

Nothing more, nothing less,
someone I aspire to be,
as we live everyday life together
my inspiration in this world.

As I close my eyes nightly
I see your brilliant light.
It burns intense and brightly
not to be extinguished,

never to be extinguished,
never to be smothered
by the dark of loveless dreams,
or from death and beyond.
Timothy Michael DiVito c2020

“Your light is of my soul”

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Writing’s on the wall


The writing’s on the wall….

Did we love? Did we steal from each other? Did we loan kisses? If we did. I would steal and loan a thousand more kisses from you my Gypsy gal. If I could. I met her on hot Texas Summer day and I adored her wild looking hazel eyes. I studied the lines of brown and gray in the wildness of dancing green. She asked me. Soldier, what are looking at? I told her. I am falling into your eyes of green, your face of a angel and the questions in your words. You are the most beautiful thing I ever saw. You make the Texas heat hotter and I need to drink the coldest beer in Austin with you.

She smiled a Devilish smile and she whispered in my wanting ear. If you dance with the devil. He never loses. He just takes, steal…

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Beautiful Katy’s songs- needed joys, we need.


Autumn leaves

I remember the September Indian Summer,

I remember the warm sun touching my face.

I remember you.

We entwined our hands and we walked by Lake St. Clair.

I loved your eyes searching the lake and you asked me.

What will we have when we are alone one day, what will we remembered?

I told you, my lovely lady of the lake.

I will have you with me and you shall be never alone.

I will always be with you.

You are the love of my life and I adore your voice.

I need to hear your song and

I need your hand in my hand.

We will dance to the end of time on the sandy beach.

If I go first, just whisper my name by Lake St. Clair.

I will return and I will whisper to you.

You are the love of my life and you…

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Love and hate…


 Love and hate

(One of my old poems. written in 1978)

Sitting by the Monterey bay alone.
Thinking about a missed woman.
I made a wish.
It wasn’t the first star,
but I made the wish anyway.

Stars so very bright, so many I can’t count them.
I have a wish.
A wish for a woman with the hungry eyes.

Eyes that make a man beg for forgiveness,
before accomplishing any wrong deeds.

I wish to be tied up in a love.
Where only the road to hell will bring peace.

Wishes are fool’s notions.
The only wish that will come true is when you find death.

I will sing a fool’s notion.
Make a wish.
Maybe some twisted God will bring me to her.

I will look into her eyes.
Feel weak from  the hunger crying out.

Crying out for another dance in the turmoil of the flesh.

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Choose the road you love…


(My adopted children. The girl are mamas now. 1994 photo.

Choose the road you love

A Poem byCoyote Poetry
"Life is simple. Find something you enjoy. Then do it."

(Nirvana-The supreme happiness that according
to Buddhism comes when all passion, hatred and
delusion die out and the soul is released from the
necessity of further purification.)

A prayer for Nature

Thank you lord of life and death.

Thank you for thefresh water to drink.

Thank your for the clean air to breath.

Thank you for the green Earth that supplies shelter and food.

Allow me to protect and give respect to Nature.

Give me wisdom and common sense to do what is right.


(Johnnie in Saudi Arabia 1992.)

Choose the road you love.

I sit at the crossroad of a life.
I looked back and thank the Lord of life and death
for my life.

I tell the…

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Take My Heart And Break It

Frank Solanki

Take my heart and break it
It troubles me all day
Thinks about you all the time
What more is there to say?

Take my heart and break it
Easier for you than me
I would have done it myself
But I’m too weak you see

Take my heart and break it
As hard as you possibly can
Shatter it into pieces so that
It never repairs itself again

Take my heart and break it
It has only known unease
Time is ripe to end it now
Would you do the honours please?

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A Faded Romantic's Notebook

There are meetings


and conversations

that seem full of portent

full of promise

full of premonition

unusual and special

from their very first breath.

Yet there are others

that appear innocent

with no significance

or implication

or intuition

until much later

when hindsight shows us

how momentous

those inauspicious

innocuous moments

really were.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Not brand new, but always true

Art by Dan Witz

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