Loly Rinn

Imagine with me
If you will
Just me and you
And what it'd be like
To lay side-by-side
In the green grass
Underneath the blue skies
Watching the clouds roll by
Whispering wild thoughts
As we try to figure out
What this universe
Is all about
It wouldn't really matter
If we did or didn't
Because contrary
To popular belief
There are no absolutes
Only possibilities
Come imagine with me

© 2020 Loly Rinn
Photo by Євгеній Антонов on Unsplash

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A dance with daddy

Loly Rinn

Daddy, I want to dance with you
Like a princess with her king
Waltzing on a golden floor
Twirling under a silver moon
With music from another world
Playing the rhythm of laughter

I see the light in your eyes
Loving me like the morning sun
And there's nothing like being with you
When the world doesn't get in the way

I know you're cheering me forward
And I want to move past the fear
To find the freedom in the jump
Trusting you'll catch me if I fall

I'll measure every man against you
The one who hung my moon
And wrote my name in the stars
A soul like no other I've known
Loving a daughter like she deserves
Loving me like a queen at a ballroom dance

© 2021 Loly Rinn
Photo by Ante Hamersmit on Unsplash

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Wounded angel


Wounded angels…

(Near the Army bases. Taverns and bars filled with sad people. Some lost something. Some are lonely and some are waiting for someone. Needing a kind voice, a gentle touch and maybe, some laughter.)

The drunken man at Fort Hood at the Belton Texas dance hall drank the $3.00 Long Island ice teas till nine. He drank alone and he was waiting for no-one. He had learned to love the silence. The Army busy days made him need the quiet.

The music was good the one-hand bartender Pete didn’t talk to him. Bartenders knew the talkers and they knew the quiet people. Pete kept the Long Island Island tea coming.

He looked at the mirror and he told the ugly face. You did well dumb-ass. In the mirror, he saw a pretty woman sat next to him. He saw long auburn hair, a lonely face and her eyes…

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💫 Afraid of the Dark💫


If only you count the tears I’ve cried,

A million times, I swear I’ve died

I’m trying, but it’s still not right

The only time I want her is night.

I’m going to go outside, where the clouds are full of rain. Let the water conceal my tears, while the dancing disguises my pain.

I’m gonna shine so brightly, never stuck in idle or park. Having no fear of the midnight sky’s, why should a star be afraid of the dark?

I’ll sit atop of the Moon, all while holding a rose. Toast it like a drink to the Sun, and magically watch it grow.

And if that rose gets thirsty, then I will nurture and abide. Because there won’t be no water, unless of course it’s cried.

Run the eyes dry, until the smile blossoms within. Seeds of strangers to flowers of friends, all while saying I love…

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The Weight of Being Human

Charmed Chaos

I am carrying around too much trash; memories of things I’ve done and regretted. Secrets I’ve never told and heartaches too enormous to bear. Sometimes, the great bones of my life feel so heavy that all I yearn for is a deep dreamless sleep. I am trapped in this strange body where I am in limbo; a painful existence where I walk on two legs and eat with utensils.

Many, many moons ago I ran on all fours. I wandered and hunted with my pack family. Unknown dangers threatened, yet each day the rising sun brought immense joy. Life was both precious and profound, for we knew death may come calling without any warning.

Oh, to feel the whisper of downy wings from a great horned owl brushing my face, as it fights for a bite of fresh kill. Oh, to be free again!

dVerse Prosery: Bone Weary

Author’s Note:

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Silence Spoke

My Window

Silence Spoke

Lightly the white fluffy flakes were falling
Outside my patio doors,
I opened and stepped out
Stood there for a wh

The soft snowflakes melted on my face;
Cold but exhilarating.
Silence, mystic silence prevailed,
yet it spoke.

Spoke in quiet tones, of peace.

Nature has so many sounds,
I love them all;
The patter of light rain, the storms,
the breeze through the trees;

Whispers and roars show life on Earth
its indomitable resonance and tenacity.

Now I feel and hear the silence
of pure white snow whirling from the sky,
I cherish the hush,

I cherish the wisdom of old.

© miriam ivarson

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We Walk Together – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Image: found on quora.com

“Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the centre.” Kurt Vonnegut

We Walk Together

I didn't set out to be different or
to speak plainly, or set myself apart but,
the people and places I inhabit are the
geographies of the borderlands, life at the 
margins, where camel hair is fashionable
and locust with wild honey is a delicacy,
and truth pales to insignificance where
unspoken trust is second nature and no
one is judged for being themselves
because, although we walk in different 
directions, we walk together on the 
fringes of life.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

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Poetry Published in the VOL. 08 CHAPTER 03 London/Berlin based Visual Verse

Megha's World


So happy to see the first poem I wrote in this year 2021 published in the Ekphrastic journal Visual Verse. Thankful to the entire team for their tireless efforts in challenging us monthly and supporting the works of the writers in the community.

You can read my poem “Unclaimed Freedom” here.

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

Image byMichael Easterling

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