The Dance

Moonbeams & Kisses

These seem to be mere words on a page, but they are something much deeper. They are rare glimpses into my life, my heart. This is where you will find the real me in all my vulnerability—nestled in the raw, unspoken truths of my soul. And I have no explanation for why I lay it bare for you to see, except that I can’t help it. I can’t help but reveal all the words hiding in the silence of my eyes; lest, I lose them in the sea of yours.

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Suffocation Written By Nichole Sulpizio 💋


Oxygen deprived

Mind in a state of confusion


Lungs drowning


Trapped under the weight

Slowly crushing her

Pain so deep



As if to take her last breath


Hitting her knees

Blood escaping from her veins

Like a waterfall

Her last resort

Feeling for a exit

A trickle of light

Low to the ground

As the heat is felt in the smoke obscured room

Surrounding her

Coffin like state

Heartbeat starts to wane

Insides desingrating

Screaming for a slither taste of air

She feels for an exit


Last attempt

To escape from the suffocation

Copyright (c) 2021 Nichole Sulpizio – All Rights Reserved

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A place called Hope

Savvy Raj

There is a place

That fills you with positivity

Enriches you with expansiveness

Embodies inclusiveness.

Enough to keep your faith going.

Endowed with trustfulness

Believe in possibilities.

A place of potential value

Thats nurturing in itself.

That lights the way forward.

A place that speaks to all of you!

A beautiful place called hope!


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What is Creativity?

Source of Inspiration

Reader’s Comment

How you manage to produce such beautiful works of art each and every day is something I will always admire, and not fully understand how it is possible!

Your Poems are always incredible, thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Pat’s Response

I do not understand how it happens either. Early each morning I sit with a pad and pen and the intention of writing at least six poems so that I can post every four hours. Then, they come. Truly they must be from Source for they come quickly with very little editing needed. I do not even remember them afterwards. The poems come for as long as I am willing to sit and write them. I had 20 one day when I was just trying to see how long they would keep coming. Sometimes poems come with a theme I have been thinking about, but…

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Who Me?

Source of Inspiration


It only takes one
to start a change.
Conviction, courage,
willingness to go
against popular opinion.
The very idea terrifies
us–who me?

Yes, you, so filled with
fear, with a need to be
accepted, liked, loved.

Within each of us lies
a kernel of courage
to finally declare,
to become what we
are meant to be.
The time is now
for us to be our all,
a beacon for
to find
their courage
to join the call.

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Source of Inspiration

calvin new years

We spend a lifetime
trying on roles,
looking for one that fits.
Am I brave, evil, wise,
bone stupid? What do I need
to be right now, to carry on, to
avoid sinking into the abyss of fear?

All the while, we can not see
the glory of the Creator, who
made us from the perfection
of His love. When will I
stop believing those who
tell me that I am unworthy…
including myself?

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