So Much for Self-Help!

Don't Lose Hope

It happened unexpectedly. One moment I was standing in the sea, riding the beautiful turquoise waves. The next moment I was being pulled down and down, caught by the powerful undertow.

Never have I experienced such power.

Never have I experienced such utter helplessness.

Then, as suddenly as it happened, it was over again.

No longer was I swirling, and being tossed by the waves. Now I was bleeding on some rough-hewn rocks, surrounded by people who were offering their help.

I still don’t really know what happened that day, or how I survived that terrifying ordeal. But what Ido know is I owe my life to others who there, and who came to my aid.  

Another thing I know is that self-help couldn’t save me. I was too weak and winded to do anything. I needed other-help at that moment in time. I couldn’t save myself…

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Thank you all for your compassion and patience

Looking for Didi’s return!

Didi's Art Design

Dear friends from all over the World,

I am on the path of recovering my health and it won’t be long until my return to share with you again thoughts about the purpose and the meaning of life, how we can rise above the difficulties of life.

Thank you all for your kind words and compassion.

Have a little more patience.

Enclosed is a video with the words of Dr. Harbhajan Singh, sincere disciple and Gurmukh of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, which are able to move us, what we can contribute to give a positive goal to our life, to get out of the clutches of the Negative Power with the help of our Divine Father, a Power not only for one religion, for one country, for one group of people, but which is there for all people, as they are all His children, all belong to His creation, as…

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Exhaling Hope – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Image: the A fractal – never ending and infinitely complex patterns that repeat across scales. They exist between our familiar dimensions.

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Martin Luther King Jr. (which he borrowed from Theodore Parker)

Exhaling Hope

Fractals of compassion,
microscopic beauty
clear to the naked eye in
the everyone journey of justice,
bending that arc and 
shortening its awaited time,
holding ourselves accountable
for neighbours of every 
living kind, that all might
breathe as we breathe,
inverting mindlessness,
exhaling hope.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

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RDP- What the eyes don’t see

Keep it alive

Today’s RDP prompt from Punam is;

Whatthe eyes don’t see

What you say or do

Is the only indicator

To me of how you feel

You tell me that your

Intentions are pure, honorable

But what is in your heart is

What the eyes don’t see

And if I don’t feel this honesty

Reflected in your words and actions

I will only judge you by

What you say or do!



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No take-backs my friend…


No take-backs my dear friend.

Young man in the dark tavern told the bar Poet. I broke a woman heart and I spoke cold and heartless words . I should of never said. The bar word-man told him. My friend, no take-backs in a life. Every action or deed done. Written and tattoo on the heart and skin. You could beg for forgiveness and maybe? She would accept you back. Will she forgive you. I don’t know?

The man asked. What should I do? Run away or run back to her. The poet remembered. He been a run away man for 36 years and he told him. I escaped from the warmth of love and today. I wished I begged for mercy. Maybe the sweet lady I loved, would have forgave me? If I could. I would be kind to her forever and a-day. Too late for me my friend.

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The untold story, maybe?


The untold story….

I have wore a necklace of pig skin rope and white crystal for 35 years. My most prize thing I keep now, upon my neck. Once a celestial beauty, we danced in life as one for a California Summer and California Fall season. She was wild child and she was filled with the madness of wanting to test life and challenge death. She was fearless and she made the sleeping man come alive. Now I write to my journal.

“We were rainbow chasers, we were cloud dancers, we were waterfall seekers andwe were were waves dancers. We loved the carousel of unknown beginnings and endings.

Seeking the highest mountain to climb, rocking and rolling with the largest Pacific Winter storm waves. Maybe we were brave, maybe we were insane? She taught me the world could be black, she taught me the world can be light. She taught…

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Johnnie singing the blues and a poem.


 I will sing the blues for you….
Johnnie be good, Johnnie be bad and Johnnie dancing alone to the Jazz.
The words sweet, tempting and so true. My baby left me, I’m so damn alone. Now I have the blues and the gin and the juice.

I confess my song to the half-empty drink. She was so fine, like a 500 dollars wine. Her kiss so sweet. She was my Black Velvet whiskey, smooth and easy to drink in her beauty.

I told her once and I told her often. Take my hand, touch my face. Take what you need.
I know. Kisses so sweet, can turn so bitter. Love so gentle can turn to love, so damn mean.

You and I. Bewitched by the moon dance will learn. We were just Gypsies souls resting. Love is for the lucky and we are not the lucky.

Please come back to me…

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