What Makes Stella Happy updated list;)


Happiness for me comes more than any feelings

Small things make me happy

A list of sorts

My freshly cut grass

Sunshine in my eyes when I wake up

A great song that I can sing to

I love laughter especially my children’s

The first jump in a cold pool

Kind people

Smiling at people in stores

Great conversation

Strong hugs

No time limits or schedules because time is our best asset

The Bible


Great photography

Watching the stars

I like flawed people(the ones who know) because I relate

The sound of rain

Accomplishing something I thought I couldn’t do

Sweating 😳

When things work

Helping people

A drop on a rollercoaster

Long sloppy kisses

Funny jokes

Being wanted

These are things that I can think of at the moment

What makes you happy?

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Truth comes to the light

Didi's Art Design

One can deceive oneself
Hide from others
Believe in his own fairy tales
Convince others to tell the truth
But the truth cannot be deceived
It is there like the sun
Even if clouds are blocking its light
The light of truth always shines
Penetrates all corners
No matter how dark it may be there…

How many sell their honour because of power and money?
Thus tell lies to maintain their egoistic advantages…

One cannot run away from the truth
Sooner or later it will catch up with you…

DidiArtist, 09.02.2020

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Flown past

A Faded Romantic's Notebook

I have been reading

our past

our dim distant past

captured like photographs

running like video clips

repeating like gifs

fading on pages

that were new

at the time.

I have been reading

backwards and forwards

endless conversations

desires and wishes

tears and kisses

endings and silence


to remember

and to never forget.

I have been reading

when I should have

been writing.

I have been reading

and the time

has flown past.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

I first posted this around this time two years ago.  It was a reflective time then, and it is now. So I have posted it again.

Art by Jeremy Mann

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Midnight Caller


The Wonderful and Wacky World of One Single Mom

Play a melody
tattoo a drum beat on my soul
gather my heart in your hands
handle with care.
Lost in your eyes
bewildered by your touch
where have you come from
night after night
arriving in my bed.
Hands caress
lips kiss
teeth nip
breath rasps.
Body arches
moans fill the room
lost in desire
lost in the senses
I give myself to you
take away the noise
take away the world
let me be me
let me have this space
if only for a bit.
Silent soul weeps
as you slip from beneath the sheets
I know it is time
for you to leave
to abandon
unable to catch me as I fall.
Yet still I welcome you
with warm arms
compliant thighs
when you do come to call.
©Jan. 21/20
Picture via Pinterest

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Home Again

Sarah Doughty

“And when I crashed into your arms,
I knew I’d made it.
I was home again.”

I traveled so far away from home, that I forgot to leave breadcrumbs to find my way back. And I suppose that’s when the helplessness seeped in. That’s when I realized I’d lost my way. I’d lost my home. Out there, in that wilderness, I was lost. Alone. Afraid.

It pulled me deeper into the darkness like a perpetual night without stars or the moon to illuminate my way. But my heart was still filled with love. So I kept holding on. I kept my grip on to hope. And I refused to give up. Admitting defeat wasn’t an option. Accepting that I would never see you again. And I knew, that one day, I would find my way back to you.

After what felt like forever, dawn broke over that horizon and I…

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