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Screw bygones.
Screw them left of Sunday!
If they’re gone they’re gone.
Bye bye bygones.
And why should I just let bygones be bygones.
That’s just letting them continue to be their conniving selves!
What have bygones ever done for me?
And how do we ever hope to see any improvement
in their abominable behavior if we just let bygones be bygones?
I say we hold bygones accountable.
Hold bygones feet to the fire so to speak!
OK, never mind.
I thought bygones were some kind of shoes.

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The Words

Hearing The Mermaids Sing

Words scattered across the page.
Words littering the soul.

All these words
Piled upon the table,
A hoarder’s table of words.

Words left unsaid,
A bouquet of words
Wilting in the heart and mind.

Words twisted in contortionist meaning
Of manipulations,
Weaponized for destruction,
Yet leaving victims living.
Words of things that can’t be said.
Words of things that should have been.
Words of things we could not speak out of fears too deep.
Words of things we could not begin to understand
Of ourselves, of each other.
Words of things we wanted so to believe
Of others, of the world.
Words of hope
Of love
Of charity
Of peace.
Words of what we have lost.
Words of what we may never…

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Sarah Doughty

“You are more than my forever.
You are my immortal.”

You are more than you know. Infinite and true. And I know that I’m just one person in billions, but I cannot deny what I feel for you. Nor can I say my feelings don’t matter. Between us, what we feel is more important than anything else. Somehow I knew. When we met, I knew I would fall for you and there would be no going back. You are more than my forever. You are my immortal. Entwined with my heart and soul. Forevermore.

© Sarah Doughty

If this heart could live forever,
it would beat for you.

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Daily Prompts- Keep it safe

Keep it alive

Time flows, like water in a river

Centuries roll away in the blink of an eye

Dip your hand in the ever-ongoing flow

Scoop out a bit of precious time

Keep it safe, keep it secure

Dripping like tears from the weeping willow

Don’t let the aromatic vibes of success go waste

The devil will try to steal your moments of glory

He hides in the shadows and dodges your steps

Keep them safe, keep them secure

In response to the following prompts;


Willow, Hand, Shadow





Word of the day Challenge;







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The 2020 Daily Writing Challenge – February 3

Jo Hawk

2020 Daily Writing Challenge

Writing is like driving at night in the fog.
You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.
– E. L. Doctorow

Today is Day 34 of the 2020 Daily Writing Challenge.

Did you write yesterday? If you didn’t, what stopped you? Self-doubt can leave you feeling like a deer in the headlights, petrified, off-balance, and powerless. Instead of using your precious minutes to type even a handful of words on the page, you allow yourself to be distracted.

Perhaps you stare at a blank screen, convinced your work recounts an incoherent trip along a winding road leading you nowhere. Your vivid imagination has forsaken you, leaving you in a void of uninspired darkness. You suspect you are a fraud who will never be good enough.

Breathe. Think about the adventure you want your audience to experience, explore your plot, meet…

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