The perfect mate


Here we go family,

So, at work today while sitting on post I was asked a couple of question by one of my coworkers/one of my best friends.

He said “Jones what do you consider to be a perfect match for you as far as a mate”?

“Would you get married again”?

“Do you consider yourself wife material and why”?

These questions kinda threw me off gaurd because they came out of nowhere.

I answered

For me its communication, loyalty and consistency. A man that is about his money, family oriented and is focused on building a strong foundation. Even though I’m a tough little cookie, head strong and was taught to take care of my own. I would like someone that deserves my respect and submissiveness. Have no patience for another man or disrespect from anyone outside of his home but have the up most respect and patience with…

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I Miss You

Frank Solanki

I really don’t know where to start
So I open up my heart
And reminisce the thoughts of you
You know I have a lot of friends
And my work knows no ends
But my heart’s tied in knots of you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you every day

I remember your eyes and smile
And your words, “Just in a while
I’ll be back again to see you.”
But I know you may never come back
All my world has turned to black
Oh my mind refuses to free you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you every hour

I look up and release a sigh
Into the wide blue open sky
Was that the last I’ve seen of you?
The heedless sky’s no response
Leaves me broken for the nonce
Is there no way but to dream of you?
I miss…

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Morning Love


You invite me under the warmth of your covers

I nestle my nose in the crease of your neck

Arms and legs intertwined

Sweet nothings whispered in our ears

Soft giggles

Silent kisses here and there

Smells of awakened sleep

You trace the lines of my lips

I lightly suck your fingertip

Morning Love

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Charmed Chaos

She is haunting music
lilting melody of a summer night
and soft whispering gossamer wings
of fragile butterflies in flight~

She is a night blooming rose
whose fragrance dances on sultry air
captivating him with her
mysterious essence of myrrh~

She is the dark temptress
with fiery wild tresses
soothing his soul with her caresses.

Verse Escape: Friday Flash Fiction 55 January 2020

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