Tonight! Written By Nichole Sulpizio


It is all coming back again! xoxo

Dark quiet room

Candles lit

Smell of winters kiss

Merlot overflow

Sipping slow

The taste of medium bodied bliss


Ready to explore


Opening all those once closed doors




The taste of freedom


Kiss me in the rain

Play with me in the snow

Dance until 2 am


Letting go

Remembering the girl

Who use to be

Playful haha

Full of energy


Back to me

😉 xoxo

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Buttons..Shh…Written By Nichole Sulpizio


My dream of his white shirt 😉


Closing the door

I want more

Picking his white shirt off the ground

Smell of musk

He is nowhere to be found

Button down

Soft to the touch

Try it on

Lossen some

Coming undone

To the thought of how he must feel


Wrapped snug around me

Like a glove

Kissing the shirt with neutral lips

Hoping to savor

A simple taste

Of him

Losing control

Wanting to explore

The essence of this man

Whom i do not know

But need too

Lost in the dream

Eyes closed


I hear the door

Dropping it to the floor

Will he smell my perfume


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Source of Inspiration

I read labels on cans
old magazines, books
of all genre, street signs.
My fascination with reading
is limited only by porn
and even that I explored
a bit when I was young and foolish.
Letters, words, sentences, stories
people’s lives exposed on the page.

Why do we love stories
sad, happy
fear and tear
stories about other people?
I’m never without a book
in my hand or pocket,
eagerly waiting for
a checkout line, waits
in doctors’ offices,
naptime, any time I
can read for awhile.

Reading…one of life’s treasures
not enjoyed by all
but for me, a gift
beyond measure.

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Get It Right

Sarah Doughty

“I wonder if my words truly capture
everything you are to me.”

Out of all the pieces I’ve ever written, they never do justice. To my feelings. To my beliefs. To what my eyes have seen. All about you. I feel I always come up short. Why is that? I wonder. I always wonder if my words are enough. If they matter enough. If they can even come close to what I know to be real. If they can measure up to what you really are, and your magnificence. I wonder if my words truly capture everything you are to me.

© Sarah Doughty

But I don’t mind trying until I get it right.

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Kevin Parish

Eight days from someday

A quiet night on the cove

Beneath the eyes

Of a moon so high

With no mention of snow

A beach that’s living in my dreams

Perhaps it will come true

Eight days from someday

A time for me and you

Your blue eyes sparkle, and they shine

Reflecting like the moonlight

Off the gentle lapping waves

Paradise, awe… just right

But here we are awaiting

For that future to come true

Eight days from someday

And I’ll spend it all with you

silhouette of palm tree at night time

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The Hundred Little Things

A Teacher's Reflections

I have a handwritten list of posts I want to write, things that are important.  There is one that has been screaming at me for a long time, with yellow highlighter and a post-it note: “The Hundred Little Things.”  It is the source of all that’s important, why everything we do is meaningful, whether we know it or not.  It is the most important thing I learned in teaching.  Oh boy, did I learn this.

A past parent visited me at school this week.  Her boys are beyond college and doing well.  She wanted to stop by, give me a Peter Rabbit cookie jar, and say thank you.  Like the student alumni who stop by and cannot pinpoint what it is they remember, she was the same way.  And I know why.  It’s the hundred little things.

Do I remember everything I did with Adam?  No.  Does his Mom?  No. …

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Thursday Photo Prompt- Choice # WritePhoto- February 6, 2020

Keep it alive

Sue Vincentis the host of Thursday Photo Prompt

Welcome to this week’s writephoto prompt.#writephoto

This week’s prompt ~ Choice

(For visually challenged writers, theimage shows a winter landscape, with trees by a stream and rough stepping stones across it )


One of the hardest things we do in life

Are the choices we make

Which path to take, which road to travel

If we had the foresight, like hindsight

The perfect clarity, with which we see

What we should have done or chosen

When we took that less-traveled route

Was it the right one or we went astray

But it is never so, is it?

The future yet unseen, unknown

Tests us and our resolve to the limit

We need to go out on a limb, trusting

In what we know and what we feel

And make the best decision that we can




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