THE FOOL… a silly poem

Kevin Parish

At breakneck speed

He rounded that curve

Slinging up dust

Some cursing was heard


Faster and faster

Did his tennis shoes tread

Don’t you dare slow down

Or you will end up dead


With broom in hand

She pursued his sorry soul

Caught him kissing on her sister

Now to the ground he’s gonna roll


Her parents tried to tell her

That he wasn’t worth her time

Hindsight’s 20/20

When they cross that line


But something’s got to give

Before this day is through

I wouldn’t want to be him

When she catches that fool

man running along seashore during golden hour

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What’s Important?

Source of Inspiration

music color3

I’m at the 
“How important is it?” stage.
Having trouble finding
anything that is 
“so important.”
At first I thought
this was indifference
but it is not.
It is not even detachment.
Rather it is a deep awareness
of a constant serenity.
It is a knowing
which can not be,
nor need not be
In the total scheme
of life, how important
is it?
What is important, then?
maybe nothing

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The Multiverse, Alternate Timelines, and Following Your Dreams – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I am reading a thought-provoking story exploring the multiverse, alternate timelines, and an entire ensemble of countless regions created by distinct big bangs, within disconnected space-times, with an ever-increasing number of universes. Wrapping my mind around the cosmos’ vastness is difficult. Since childhood, space, time, and alternate worlds have intrigued me.

Another fascination is when we sleep and dream. Everyone dreams, even if the full contents don’t make the jump into our wakefulness. They are part of us, skimming beneath consciousness, waiting for us to discover them. One concept says everything is a dream, and every dream is real. It then follows that every dream is possible. The idea, when considered, can play tricks and twist your mind into a pretzel.

What if there is a kernel of truth? Do dreams allow a glimpse into timelines where you live an idealistic, picture-perfect, best-version-of-yourself life? If your dream life exists in…

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Fear of Public Speaking #JerrySeinfeld #Humor #Funny

Poems for Warriors

I love this clip from Jerry Seinfeld about Public Speaking.

How about you? What is your biggest fear?

The more you can take steps to address your fears. The more you can work on trying and preparing for those difficult circumstances, the less you will fear them and the easier it will come.

What can you do today to address your fears?

– Jason

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The Silence is Deafening – #poetry of the #lost

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

“You okay?” He asks,
“Swell”, my reply,
While wistfully staring,
And wondering why

He’d bother to ask,
Does he really care?
Or is it just habit,
Because I am there.

Time spent together,
In silence, creeps by.
No matter how much,
I just no longer try

To engage conversation,
From one, far away,
Who turns off the chatter,
Doesn’t hear what I say.

Perhaps it is me,
Who doesn’t quite hear
The words, left unsaid,
Though, the meaning is clear

So I bury myself,
In a place, tucked away
Where the silence is deafening,
But the Lord hears me pray.

©2020 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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