Quotes for life- Value of human relationships

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Today I am sharing an older post. These few quotes on the subject of human relationships, need deep thought and pondering.

Value of human relationships.

This anonymous quote has said the whole truth about human relationships in a few succinct words. I don’t think we can go wrong if we follow these standards.

Graham Greene a novelist of acclaim who had a reputation of philosophical thinking in his writing has pointed out a paradox. Kindness and lies! But sometimes it is a great kindness to keep the truth from a loved ones. Giving them reassurance and easing their pain and worry.

Pennebaker is a professor of psychology and his interpretation of human relationships is based on experience.

What he has said in respect to human relationships is alas too true. That is why most of us stumble on this difficult road. But the beauty of life is that there is…

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Moods swing her like a yo yo

one moment euphoric and high as a kite

but the very next minute insecure and fearful

one day life feels like an extended vacation

and the very next day even moving out of bed seems impossible

she quickly spirals from realism to superstition

the rollercoaster ride her hormones are taking her on

leaves her breathless and bewildered

running on low esteem and raging emotions

standing in front of the mirror

looking critically at her stretch marks and bulging belly

she smiles at her reflection and blows a kiss

then says aloud,

“You are the most desirable woman right now!”

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Daily Prompts- Valentine’s Day?

Keep it alive

So you love me, care for me?

Your devotion is steadfast?

It would be impossible for you

To break my heart, to forsake my love

The care you take to never poison our love

Will be the hallmark of your attachment

I would have believed you, I’d really have

If I hadn’t found the pictures from the last vacation

Plastered all over your Facebook page

Posing with a new girl every day

How quickly you change your affections

No one holding your interest for long

Won’t I be a fool to take all your declarations of love

At their face value, as if I was born just yesterday!

In response to the following prompts;




Heart, Poison, Care





Word of the day Challenge;








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Call For Submissions!

I Write Her


Just a reminder – if you know how to make a big impression with a few words – I WANT YOU to submit your original work to The Short of It!

I’m accepting creations all year round. Accepted work will be featured here. Ultimately, the goal will be to publish an annual anthology. Please feel free to share this with anyone and everybody you know who is interested in creating micro-poetry or short pieces of writing. More information about the submission guidelines can be found by clicking this link.

Looking forward to reading your masterpieces! 🙂

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