First Snow Fall

Dennis Cardiff


white flakes
(like eider-down)
flutter from heaven
collect on tree branches
hedges and shrubs

like your kisses
soft and sensuous
they caress my cheeks
brush my lips
burst on my tongue

they blanket all
leaving the path
an untouched virgin,
a wonderland
of mystery

all traces
of my coming
have disappeared
making me question
am i here
at all?


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davidbrucehaiku: optimism or pessimism?

Casting Shadows

Charmed Chaos

Cypress bows in autumn rain
Bearing weight as if in pain
Casting shades on what remains
Fury of the storm unrestrained
As limbs of trees lay broken, felled.
Thunderclouds gather, striking fear
Roosting birds take wing, disappear
Sensing the change in atmosphere
As a once calm wind heaved and swelled.

Written for dVerse where Frank is hosting ‘Imitation Practice’. I’m not sure how well I did as far as the meter goes, but I gave it a shot. The rhyme scheme is AAAABCCCB.

Author’s Note:I’ve got rain on the brain. It’s rained for three days, which is unusual for us here in Arizona. I’m not complaining; we really needed it. And I do love the freshness it brings.

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Haunt Me

Sarah Doughty

“Though it hurts like hell, I cannot get enough.
So please, haunt me until the day I die.”

I feel you in everything I do. You’re in the grass beneath my feet. I feel the ghost of your touch in the breeze as I catch your scent. You’re in every song I hear. Somehow, you’re still finding a way into my soul. Speaking to me in whispers. Letting me feel your hunger. And even though it hurts like hell, I cannot get enough. So please, haunt me until the day I die.

© Sarah Doughty

I don’t mind having
your ghost with me.

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