Throwback Friday–No Religion by Beth Amanda

Go Dog Go Café

no religion2

Born to no religion

I create my own

faith in my pen

prayers to imagination

I worship

the human body and soul

entities never

fully understood

never loved enough

I place them

on my altar

sing their songs

of passion, lust, desire

give them heart

with my ink

and I am reborn

in the sanctuary of their spirit


©MidwestFantasy/Beth Amanda

Written in April 2018 and revised October 2019

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Secret Language

Charmed Chaos

Jason Limberg
Used with Permission

What secret language do the reindeer speak
when tender autumn hovers, trembling
hanging in frost edged grey dawn air
a foreshadowing of frigid cold to come.

Frosted copper leaves have fallen
the towering trees stripped bare
for brittle winter ice is coming
so they hover ever closer together
as the first delicate flakes float free.

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: Art Flash/55 in November

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Kicking Off National Novel Writing Month – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


November 1st signals the kickoff of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) or NaNo for short. Once more, authors and wannabes sign up, pledging to write 50,000 words. I succumbed to temptation, selected a story idea, wrote an outline, and committed to completing 1,667 words every day. Then I changed my mind. Not on competing, but on how to win.

I discovered Reverse NaNo. This format front-loads the word count, taking advantage of the excitement that accompanies the start of any new project. Day One requires a word count of 3,346 with falling requirements on successive days. By November 15, the halfway point, I have fewer than the prescribed daily minimum to add. On the final day, I need a single word to reach the goal.

I am very excited about this approach and eager to try it. I am looking forward to this because, in previous years, life drama intervened, with random days where I…

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Realms of the heart

Savvy Raj

Beyond words… are the realms of the heart!

 A feeling A knowing A sensing in the being…that is centred in the core of your brain. The limbic system knows not languages nor logic. It is beyond all rational thought and works through the intuition or the power of senses…it is seen as the wisdom of the heart connects the path of the heart thus emanates from the brain where it is centrally located deep in our psyche.

Our cellular awareness is trained to transmit messages through feelings that convey where words fail. It is embedded within our conscious awareness to guide us from inside out. Many of our beliefs in trust, faith and hope are powered in and from this core of our consciousness. 

In this understanding is the reason for the purpose of why we do what we do, why we feel the way we feel, have an instinctual sensation of the direction of where a path leads to. In the…

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