Let Me Near

I Write Her

UntitledGetting off the train in Chicago,
the strong wind,
urgent like me.
Each waft carrying my steps
in the direction of home. It’s as if
nature knew it was time for us. I’m so ready
to capture what sustains me. I’ve missed you,
your silhouette, and your substance.
Being close to you is a memory I pull from.
It keeps me sane while I’m away. This couple
defining what a day needs is everything to me.
Longing to share of myself, my legs
hasten their pace. I want to be
wrapped in the space we create.
I’ve missed your light touch
caressing my face, and
the sweetness of your kisses
has haunted me for weeks.
The questions of workdays take
a backseat while we rediscover
the single-best thing of the us we are.
The focus in your gaze tells me I
was right to hurry. It keeps me coming back,

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Courage to admit own mistakes

Didi's Art Design

Sometimes we are not aware
Of the consequences of our words and deeds
When we notice them,
Often it is already too late…
Then we get stuck in our own pride

With courage and confession
To be responsible for own mistakes
The rudder can still be pulled around

So we have to make peace with ourselves
To be in peace with others…

It is never too late for that…

DidiArtist, 25.11.2019

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davidbrucehaiku: beauty at your feet

Six Word Story – Misery – iScriblr

Miserable past brings about finest comedy! This post is written in response to Shweta’s Six Word Story Prompt #13 : MISERY Follow this link to learn more about it, see other submissions, and to share your own. Come and join in the fun folks! Love, Connect with me on – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to be in the know!

Source: Six Word Story – Misery – iScriblr