Sarah Doughty

“And in the end, I don’t care
what became of you, my monster.
What matters is that you were gone.”

And in the end, I don’t care what became of you. What matters is that you were out of my life. You see, I don’t care that you suffered as a child, too. It was a choice to become a monster. Then to continue being one. So no, I don’t think I’m heartless for refusing to care what happened to you. I just wanted you out of my life for good.

© Sarah Doughty

I didn’t care how you left,
not even death,
as long as you stayed gone.

This was written for day four
of November Notes.
I Don’t Care (ft. Adam Grontier)
by Apocalyptica

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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Nuggets of Gold

Good Morning! Hope your week is off to a great start. I do like it being lighter earlier in the morning now, makes it easier to get up early. My Dad was one who always liked early mornings and he still does. When teenagers and wanting to sleep in on Saturday’s,  we were often told not to waste away our day by sleeping in. I remember feeling proud of myself when I was younger and it was easy to get up early, as my sisters still laid in bed. Dad would be sitting at the table with his cup of coffee, and he would have some stickers for me, since I was up early. Yes, simple stickers brought joy!

You probably really don’t want to know how many stickers I had in my sticker album. Puffy ones, shiny and sparkly ones, scented ones, animals, hearts, you name it, I had…

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davidbrucehaiku: will it get good soon?

Whispered Prayers

Sarah Doughty

“As long as you’re with me,
I hold on to hope that
everything will be okay.”

By night’s dark embrace, I hold on
to hope with everything that’s left.

The night embraced me in her darkness, an embrace I never expected. An embrace that made me feel comforted. It was foreign, but oh so nice. And I felt that warmth every frightful night. Before the steps coming my way and the living nightmare that would come. The night held me in her embrace as I waited, and she continued to hold me until the pre-dawn light announced the start of a new day.

The night, in whatever form she takes, has been my constant. I am one with the night. With all her darkness, all her shimmering lights. Those glowing embers flickering off in the distance millions of miles away. Through every phase of the moon, and through every storm…

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Confab With Me

What does it take to be kind? Kindness is often not more than a genuine smile yet we refrain from giving it for we are too preoccupied with our ostensible life.

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